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Conduct Process


The University conduct system responds to complaints concerning the infringement of students’ rights and alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct by students or student groups.

Students who do not wish to bring a complaint to the University’s conduct system may attempt to resolve the matter informally with the assistance of a member of the Dean of Students staff, a faculty member, a counselor, a peer, or a member of the University Police Department.

Invocation of Conduct Action

Any member of the Clark community may initiate the University’s conduct process. For this to occur, a formal complaint must be submitted to the Office of Community Standards in writing, alleging that a student was responsible for one or more specific violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Community members submitting a complaint should also include the names of any members who witnessed the alleged events so that they can be contacted, at the discretion of Conduct Staff, to submit personal statements. The University may, at its discretion, initiate the University’s conduct process on its behalf or on behalf of other persons based on the information that is shared.

Report a Concern

Administrative Disposition and the Conduct Process

Due to confidentiality, OCS will not share any incident report physically or electronically with any student. However, all students have the right to read the incident report before their meeting. Please email Office Community Standards at to read your message.