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Information for Advisers


First-year advisers will receive a report of their students’ violation of the student code of conduct.

Due to FERPA regulations, the meeting outcome will not be shared with the adviser. We highly encourage students to communicate with their advisers for further support.

Tips for First-Year Advisers

You may receive reports about your student’s violation of a student code of conduct. Even though you are not required to address or conduct a meeting regarding the violation, we highly encourage you to discuss this incident with your student. The goal is to ensure they receive the necessary support to stay focused on academics.

What is the value of speaking with your advisee about the letter, and why is it beneficial?

  • It can help in your understanding of the correlation between behavioral and academic concerns.
  • It allows faculty and administrators to partner for the well-being and success of our students.
  • It can enable you to identify students of concern in your classes better and elsewhere on campus.
  • It allows the student to confront the dissonance between their academic and social life.
  • It can help you be more aware, wary of, and responsive to concerning student behavior.

How do you have a conversation with your advisee about the letter?

  • I received this letter. What can you share with me about what happened?
  • How were your actions consistent or inconsistent with your values? Clark’s values?
  • What did you learn from going through the student conduct process?
  • How can I help support you to make meaning from this experience?