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Honor Society

We honor excellence in service to the community

The University seal, bearing the motto Fiat Lux, or let there be light, was adopted in 1892 and it embodies the guiding principle of knowledge and discovery, as a means of making a positive contribution to the world.

Carved stone seal with the words 'Fiat Lux'

The Fiat Lux Honor Society

Fiat Lux, a distinguished honor society for members of the senior class, is administered by the Office of Community Engagement and Volunteering. Members are selected each year based on an application of demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, and sustained commitment to community service. Students meet regularly, gaining leadership experience through regular community-based projects and events.

2023-24 Members

Amanda Dye
Eleanor Rueffer
Emily Abney
Laila El-Samra
Maya Cooney
Miranda Namiotka
Rana Ismael
Sophia Friedmann

2022-23 Members

Gor Bagumyan
Savannah Rose Croft-Levin
Kristina Terese Deverdzic
Brenna Leigh Donahue
Veronica Apple Gould-Schultz
Tamanna Gurung
Talia M. Harlow
Jordan Elizabeth Holley
Blake W. Leasure
Elizabeth Haley Liakos
Siobhan M. Lounsbury
Maxwell C. Macort
Leah Madeline McGhee
Hannah R. McLeod
Sarah Nazar
Sydney Nilsen
Noah Virgil Rowan
Lillian J. Salatiello
Alexis Marie Torres Stone
Emma C. Theisen
Marjuka Wayahi
Lila McNamee
Rhya Sinnappen
Olivia Blaney

2021-21 Members

Emily Dorsey
Amelia Green
Sage Halpert
Haley McCurry
Athena Mele
Thomas Mueller
Osborne Munyambu
Kelly O’Brien
Emma Pulizzi
Faima Qutab
Kamran Rahman
Gabriela Schroer do Nascimento
Olivia Shull
Elena Sissell
Grace Smith
Mia Swartz
Mallory Trainor

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Office of Community Engagement and Volunteering

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  • University Center, 305 and 304

  • community[at]clarku[dot]edu
  • 508-793-8815