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Frequently Asked Questions

Off-Campus Employer & Community Partner FAQs

Handshake is a modern platform for college recruiting, which means it’s great at reaching students and helping connect them with resources, employers, and positions that interest them.

To create an employer account, visit Handshake’s website. After you’ve created your account, don’t forget to connect to Clark.

You can follow these step-by-step instructions on how to post a position in Handshake.

Connect with all of Clark’s Career Development Offices here.

  • If you have questions about using Handshake, check out their Employer Help Center.
  • Contact the appropriate Clark career center (see employer link, above) for further assistance.

On-Campus Employer FAQs

On-campus student employment is posted in Handshake. For detailed information about our Student Employment program, please click here.

Faculty and Staff FAQs

Handshake is a modern platform that makes it easy for students, employers, and community partners to connect.

  • Handshake hosts employers worldwide who post entry-level job and internship opportunities at Clark.
  • Once students customize their profiles, Handshake will make job, internship and on-campus event suggestions to each student based on their profile settings.
  • Students can set alerts for certain employers and learn when those employers post opportunities.
  • Handshake will become the main method for students to learn about and register for on-campus career events and interviews.
  • When students choose to make their profile public, employers can recruit students directly through Handshake.
  • Founded in 2014, Handshake is quickly becoming the standard: more than 900 universities, 400,000 organizations and all of the Fortune 500 companies use Handshake.

Joining as a faculty member is completely optional. If you choose to join, you’ll be given a student account, which allows you to:

  • Customize a profile with attributes similar to students in your department
  • See what students see on Handshake
  • Search employers, jobs internships and fellowships available to Clark students through the platform
  • Help your students with the internship or job searches
  • Show your classes what Handshake can do for them, and encourage them to activate their accounts

While all Clark students have an account made from their Banner account, faculty and staff need to have an account created. To request a student account, email and specify that you would like a student account. To post jobs on Handshake, you will need an employer account. To request an employer account, email and specify that you would like an employer account to post jobs.

You do not need to customize your profile to search for employers, jobs, internships and fellowships. However, customizing your profile will allow Handshake to send you curated job and internship suggestions. If you customize your profile with similar attributes to your students, you can see the kinds of suggestions they are also getting.

Since you are not actually searching for a job on Handshake, we suggest keeping your profile private.

If you would like to post a job and you do not already have an employer account, email Please see the detailed information on our Student Employment program here.

ClarkCONNECT is the University’s platform for connecting students to alumni for sharing alumni-related research, internship, career opportunities and mentorship. Handshake is a modern career services platform designed to connect students and employers to each other, events, and opportunities.

Current Student FAQs

Handshake is a modern platform that is customized to suit your career needs.

  • Handshake will greatly expand the number of employers worldwide who post job and internship opportunities at Clark.
  • Your feed will be filled with opportunities and events related to your major and interests.
  • You can set alerts for certain employers.
  • You’ll be able to register for events and interviews.
  • GSOM students: You can schedule an appointment with a career advisor through Handshake. (Undergrads and IDCE students, continue using your current appointment booking system).

All of this can be done from your computer or the mobile app!

Your profile is be pre-loaded; all you have to do is activate it. More information about getting set up can be found in the For Clark University Students section on the Handshake page.

  • Handshake’s Student Help Center is full of great resources and tutorials on doing everything from requesting an appointment to updating your profile.
  • Reach out to your appropriate Clark career center or Handshake’s support staff (available from their online help center)!

Download the “Handshake Jobs & Careers” app, which is an icon with an “H.”

Students should log into Handshake through ClarkYOU or the button on our central Handshake page. If you can’t log into Handshake, ClarkYOU, or other Clark services, contact the ITS Help Desk at or +1-508-793-7745. If you can use your Clark University credentials to access these services but not Handshake, email with any error messages you’ve received.

To update your profile in Handshake, please read the following article: How to Update Your Profile.

The default setting for your profile is private – meaning that employers can’t find you in a search. If you are job hunting, and wish to make your profile visible to employers, follow the directions in this article: How to Change Your Student Profile to Public/Private for Employers.

Once you upload your resume, cover letter, or other documents into Handshake, they will be available for immediate use.

However, several programs across campus (such as applications for on-campus employment, Study Abroad, Academic Internships, on-campus funding, etc.) will require you to have your resume approved in order to complete those applications. To do this, upload your document in Handshake and contact the appropriate office to let them know that you wish to have it reviewed and approved for your application.

  • Undergrads:
  • GSOM:
  • IDCE:
  • All others departments: please contact your faculty advisors as appropriate

As always, we recommend that you have your resume and/or cover letters reviews for ALL applications, even if it is not required.

Handshake has a number of measures in place to protect student data, including a default setting that sets the student profile to “private” until the individual student decides to make it “public” so that it can be discovered by potential employers.

Learn more about why a student should consider making their profile public

Learn more information about Handshake’s data privacy policy

If you believe there is an error in any of the preloaded information in your profile, please email

Students can retain their Handshake accounts after graduation and continue using them as alumni. Clark will share information about this transition with students directly in the months leading up to their graduation.

ClarkCONNECT is a place to find and apply for internship and employment opportunities shared by Clark alumni, and to reach out to alumni for career-related advice and mentorship. Handshake is a career services platform designed to connect students and employers to each other, events, and opportunities.

Alumni FAQs

Handshake is a modern platform for college recruiting, customized to suit users’ career needs.

  • Handshake will greatly expand the number of employers worldwide who post job and internship opportunities at Clark.
  • If you’re looking for positions, your feed will be filled with opportunities and events related to your degree and interests. You can also set alerts for certain employers.
  • You can create an account to share opportunities with current Clark students as an alumni-employer.
  • May 2018 and later graduates: We’ve created a profile for you in Handshake. All you need to do is log in using your ClarkYOU credentials.
  • Older alumni: Request a Handshake account, fill out a brief survey as instructed, and select Clark University as your school. Your profile will be routed to Clark for approval.

Alumni who graduated in May 2018 or after will automatically have an account in Handshake that they can use to search for jobs. All older alumni will need to request an account (see details above).

  • See our FAQs for off-campus employers & community partners, above.
  • Join ClarkCONNECT to provide advice and guidance to Clark students, and to share your internship, research, or employment opportunities on the ClarkCONNECT platform.