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Past Events

Webinar Event – “Share the Platform: Collaborative Strategies for Refugee Integration in Academia”


Clark University SSJ professor, Anita Fábos, will be joined by colleague and Fairfield University professor, Alfred Babo, to present about the Share the Platform initiative they started in 2019. The mission of Share the Platform is to “center the expertise of refugees to improve policy, programs, and practice.” They will converse about strategies for those of non-refugee backgrounds to better advocate for and “share the platform” with fellow colleagues from refugee backgrounds, including a discussion of best practices from a refugee perspective.

Cultures of Exile : Class Project Presentations

Alumni Student Engagement Center Rm 304

Come and hear about:
Recording Video Recipes from Home with ACE Families: Suggestions for success
Kitchen Access for Haitian Families in Hotel Accommodations: Current practices
Sourcing Fresh and Tasty Food from Home: Is urban farming the solution?

Poster Exhibition – Farming For Multispecies Justice: Food Security, Racial Capitalism, and Abolitionist Agroecology

Academic Commons - Goddard Library

Join us for an enlightening experience where 16 dedicated students showcase their journey through a semester-long community-engaged course. Whether you're a seasoned advocate or a curious learner, this exhibition promises insights and inspiration for all who care about justice in our food systems. Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your perspective and contribute to a more just and equitable world through agriculture.