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Through the Curriculum & Careers initiative, Clark has integrated career readiness into our undergraduate liberal-arts curriculum, better preparing students for success after graduation.

Working closely with their academic advisors over four years, students identify how to translate their knowledge, skills, and experiences into action — a critical step that will allow them to thrive in their lives and careers. This action-oriented approach — linking learning in the classroom to in-depth projects, internships, leadership opportunities, campus engagement, and volunteer work — is a hallmark of Clark’s liberal-arts education.

Initiative Goals


Integrate the concept of careers into a liberal-arts education through a holistic and equity-focused lens.


Increase the visibility and connectivity of curricular and co-curricular learning, resulting in student success after graduation.


Develop mechanisms to sustain and institutionalize Curriculum & Careers.


Contribute our experiences to national conversations about the value of a liberal-arts education.

How Curriculum & Careers Works at Clark

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Major Maps

Experiential major maps help students visualize and design their journeys at Clark and beyond.

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POP Courses

Problems of Practice (POP) courses are internship-like experiences that take place within an academic context.

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Career Outcomes

Clark’s liberal-arts education leads to success after graduation, according to surveys of Clark alumni.

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About Curriculum & Careers

Launched in 2019, with funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, Curriculum & Careers strengthened the partnership between faculty and staff leaders to enhance and develop courses; create experiential major maps; and infuse career readiness into academic advising.


Questions about Curriculum & Careers? Contact Evan Wilson.