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Connecting to Our Highest Purpose


In this workshop, coach, consultant, and TEDx speaker Ruby Maddox will provide an original framework to help individuals connect their “inner-why” to their higher purpose. The co-founder of two non-profits focused on social justice, leadership, and equity, Maddox will guide participants as they explore their own values and goals. Step-by-step, she will teach them how […]

The Campaign of Miner Bo: A Conversation with Film Director Todd Drezner

**RESCHEDULED FROM NOVEMBER 17** Facilitated by Rob Boatright, Professor and Chair of Political Science Soren Sorensen, Lecturer in Screen Studies How did Todd Drezner, a committed liberal and resident of deep blue New York City, find himself in Delbarton, West Virginia filming the campaign of Bo Copley, a Christian conservative running for the Republican nomination […]

Testimony as Activism: Archives of Displacement

This panel discussion facilitated by Clark University's Anita Fábos (IDCE) and Frances Tanzer (Strassler Center) brings together scholars and practitioners to talk about their work documenting experiences of people living with violence, conflict, and displacement. How do scholarly research and activism overlap in stories of displacement? How do displaced peoples establish archives when they are […]

Post-Election 2020: What Just Happened?

With the understanding that the election may still be undecided, we will gather the day-after for a virtual conversation about the results. Bring your questions for Clark’s experts, as we address: what we know about election returns; when and how decisions will be made and how information will be communicated; the important roles played by […]

Nightmares and Screamscapes: An Evening of Scary Stories


Our popular Halloween tradition continues, albeit with an online twist. Tuck in for a night of spooky stories read by Clark University professors Gino DiIorio (Theater), Jay Elliott (English), and Jennifer Plante (Academic Services). Combining the beauty of language, the art of storytelling, and the desire for community, this virtual installment of our ongoing series, […]

Sponsored by: Higgins School of Humanities

The Black Designer’s Identity

In the United States, much of design history, culture, curriculum, and the profession as a whole is a testament to the broad influence of European-based design practice and aesthetics. While these traditions are valuable, they have eclipsed the work and contributions of non-Europeans in the field. Consequently, young designers who are just beginning to develop […]

How Do Soundwalks Engage Communities?


To watch a recording of this event, click here: What is a soundwalk? How can we proceed as artists, social scientists, researchers, naturalists, chroniclers, environmentalists, and critical citizens to actively respond to our soundscape, connecting this phenomenon with global concerns for a better world? In this talk, composer and scholar Norman Long will prepare […]

In the Flesh: An Exhibit by Elli Crocker – Closes May 18

Clark University, Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons - 2nd Floor 36 Maywood Street, Worcester, MA

Prima Materia 1 Mind/body duality. The human place in the natural world. Clark University’s Elli Crocker (Studio Art) delves into these central motifs with her latest exhibit, In the Flesh, an evocation of the elemental connections that exist between the earth, the cosmos, and all living things. “Our living bodies are supported by the spirit […]

CANCELED: Let’s Talk About Sex

Clark University, Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons - 2nd Floor 36 Maywood Street, Worcester, MA

John Palella Nina Kushner Due to health concerns and current Clark University protocols, this event has been canceled. To say that “sex is everywhere” has long been a truism in critiques of contemporary culture. But what if we push beyond a sense of sex as an individualized, often private form of desire and instead contemplate […]

CANCELED: American Plastic: Credit Cards, Boob Jobs, and Our Quest for Perfection

Clark University, Higgins Lounge, Dana Commons - 2nd Floor 36 Maywood Street, Worcester, MA

Due to evolving concerns surrounding COVID-19, this event has been canceled. We hope to reschedule, so please stay posted for future announcements! Cosmetic surgery is not just about the production of the body, but how the body gets produced within particular systems of power. Most cosmetic surgery in the US is financed through debt, and […]