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Our Director

  • Matt Malsky

    Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

    Tina Sweeney, M.A. '49, Endowed Chair in Music

    Director of MCA, Visual and Performing Arts

    Director of Higgins School for the Humanities

    Matt Malsky has been at Clark University full time since 1994. He has served as Associate Provost and Dean of the College, and chair of the Department of Visual & Performing Arts, director of the Music Program as well as […]

Our Staff

Jennifer McGugan

Associate Director

Gloria Potts

Institute Coordinator

Josie Libonate

Office Assistant

Higgins Steering Committee

  • Ravi Sharma

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    Department Chair, Philosophy

    Professor Sharma received his Ph.D. from the Joint Classics-Philosophy Graduate Program in Ancient Philosophy at The University of Texas at Austin. In addition to teaching courses in ancient philosophy, he regularly offers courses in metaphysics, the history of early modern philosophy, […]

  • Meredith Neuman

    Associate Professor, English

    Department Chair, English

    Professor Neuman teaches and researches in the fields of early and nineteenth-century American literature. In her first book, Jeremiah's Scribes: Literary Theories of the Sermon in Puritan New England (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013), she delves into the world of sermon notetaking, shifting […]

  • Hugh Manon

    Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

    Department Chair, Visual and Performing Arts

    Professor Hugh Manon is a film scholar and cultural theorist whose work focuses on the psychoanalytic theories of Jacques Lacan.  His research extends concepts such as anxiety, disavowal, and jouissance into the study of analog, digital, and hybrid forms of […]

  • Amy Richter

    Professor, History

    Department Chair, History

    Professor Richter specializes in nineteenth and twentieth century American and cultural history, with an emphasis on women’s and urban history. Her teaching repertoire includes the history of American Women, U.S. urban history from the colonial era to the twenty-first century, […]

  • Eduard Arriaga-Arango

    Associate Professor, Language, Literature & Culture

    Department Chair, Language, Literature & Culture

    Eduard Arriaga is a researcher of language, literature, culture, and digital humanities. He develops interdisciplinary research at the intersection of fields such as critical race studies, Afro-Latinx and Afro-Latin American Studies, digital studies, and digital humanities. He is currently writing […]

Higgins School Office, Higgins Lounge, and Higgins Atrium

We are located in Dana Commons on the 2nd floor.

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