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Research and Community of Inquiry

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Cultivating Connections

Hiatt Community of Inquiry

The Hiatt Center for Urban Education is growing a community of inquiry among youth, school- and neighborhood-based educators, and university academics and students dedicated to creating educational spaces for youth to engage the world, inquire into possibilities, and become creators of new realities.  By cultivating a research community that brings together multiple participants, perspectives, and methods, our focus is on building the deep human relationships and generating the practices, knowledge, and innovations needed to support more equitable and meaningful education.

Cultivating a Community

No matter where you are in your research journey, explore some of the ways that the Hiatt Center can support you.

Youth, school- and community-based researchers and university academics come into the Hiatt Community of Inquiry through a variety of entry-points.  Although each COI participant may not have come in calling themselves “researchers,” they had questions or issues they were grappling with, or a desire for action in the neighborhood, or a focus on their teaching practice.  The Hiatt Community of Inquiry is enriched by all sorts of inquiry and forms of participation. If you are interested in learning more, then please email

Since different types of research require different tools, materials, and supports, the Hiatt Community of Inquiry connects you with a diverse array of resources for your research. Resources include spaces to share your work with university and school-based thought-partners; Clark courses and internships; mentors for conference proposals and various types of publications; and events connecting you with research being done across Worcester and beyond.

There is value in having social and financial support for your work. The Hiatt Center can offer support to COI participants who wish to apply for research and implementation grants from local and national funders. Grant development assistance includes facilitating workshops, working with you to seek out potential grant opportunities and to build strong narratives of your work, making connections with possible community partners, and helping to administer your grants.

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Hiatt COI Research

Youth-Led Research

Includes youth-initiated investigations and research carried out by youth engaged in school-based and community-based projects.

Educator-Led Research

Includes research carried out by educators from Pre K-12 schools and community-based settings.

Clark-Led Research

Includes research carried out primarily by Clark academics and students.

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