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Clark students

Orientation Programs

Undergraduate International Students

All international students entering the undergraduate program at Clark are required to attend International Student Orientation (ISO) before Week One begins. U.S. citizens living abroad are also invited to attend ISO. Please make sure you contact Patty Doherty to register for ISO. ISO check-in is Sunday, August 16th 2015, from 9:00am - 5:00pm. An email will be going out by the end of June with details in regards to ISO.

Here’s how to reach Clark University on your own. 

From Boston

The easiest way to get to Clark is to fly into Logan International Airport in Boston.  Take a shared van service from the airport to Clark.  We recommend two companies: 

Worcester Airport Limo

Knights Airport Limousine


The cost is about $50.00. Please book at least 48 hours in advance and provide them with the number of the flight that brings you to Boston and the date and time of your arrival.  Prepay by credit card or pay by cash when you board the van. Upon arrival in Boston, pick up your luggage, exit the terminal and cross the street.   Look for the sign that says, “Shared Van ”.

From New York City

Take a bus from the Port authority Terminal in NYC.  Here are the two bus lines that we recommend: 

Peter Pan Bus
Greyhound Bus Line

The price will be about $40.00 and will take about 4 hours.  Upon arrival at the Worcester Bus Terminal, we suggest you take a taxi to the Clark campus. Taxi services are available from Red Cab or Yellow Cab of Worcester at a cost of approximately $10.00.

Graduate Students

All Graduate & PhD students will attend International Graduate School Orientation on Friday August 17th, 2015. Orientation starts at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 4:30 p.m. Breakfast and lunch will be served.


Orientations are held individually for scholars at Clark. Please contact the International Students and Scholars Office at 508-793-7362 to schedule an appointment.

Places of Worship

Visit our directory of places of worship (churches, temples, synagogues, etc.) in the Worcester area. There are many different faiths represented as well numerous non-denominational institutions.