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Class of 2011

Kudzaishe Bwerinofa
Kudzai is from Zimbabwe and intends to major in Economics.

Involvement in student organizations: Caribbean African Students Association, Black Student Union

Best GSP memory: The GSP academic panel was my best memory. I enjoyed educating my peers on a very important issue (illegal arms trade).

Kudzai can be contacted at

Nicholas Callender
Nick is from Trinidad and Tobago but has lived in Venezuela for the past 8 years. He intends to major in International Development and Social Change.

Involvement in student organizations Latino Student Organization – Publicity Committee Black Student Union Caribbean and African Student Association Intramural soccer

Best GSP memory Getting to meet and learn from the other Global Scholars and broaden my own ways of thinking.

Nick can be contacted at

Tanya D’Lima
Tanya is from India but has lived in Kenya. She intends to major in Political Science.

Involvement in student organizations: Muslim Culture Society, South Asian Students Association, Art Reach, Model United Nations

Best GSP memory: My best GSP memory was working on the project for illegal arms trade this semester with the other Global Scholars. We learned a lot, chilled out, got to know each other better and it was really rewarding. I also thoroughly enjoy the routinely passionate discussion about a variety of global issues as well as sharing our cultures during informal GSP get-togethers. I love every minute of these discussions!

Himal (Chandu) Jayasekara
Chandu is from Sri Lanka and intends to major in Political Science and History.

Involvement in student organizations: Model United Nations, International Students Association, Clark Crew Team, Karate.

Best GSP memory: I think it was the second to last GSP meeting where Vesela played her Native American flute! I was amazed at what could be learned from various types of internships that Clark University offered!

Chandu can be contacted at

Abir Joshi
Abir is from India.

Md. Rafayet Khan
Rafayet is from Bangladesh.

Claudia Olcese Lira
Claudia is from Peru but has family in Chile.

Involvement in student organizations: Clark Crew, Clark Concert Choir, MarBoas! The Anthropology Student Committee

Best GSP memory: I think my best memory is the last meeting we had. I figured how far we had gone after so little time. It’s the end of the semester and I feel many of my friends in the GSP have made it easy for me to be away from home; it’s awesome to know that I can count on such an amazing group of people.

Claudia can be contacted at

Arber Perolli

Arber is from Albania and intends to major in Economics and Management.

Involvement in student organizations: Muslim Culture Society

Arber can be contacted at

Zheng Qu
Zheng (Leon) is from China and intends to major in Computer Science.

Best GSP memory: The academic panel.

Leon can be contacted at

Sarang You
Sarang is from Korea but lives in Guatemala.

Best GSP memory: Our first academic panel was great and dinner with the mentors!

Sarang can be contacted at

Qingyi Zhou
Qingyi (Angela) is from China and hasn’t yet decided what her major will be.

Involvement in student organizations: Initial Advantage, Asian Culture Society

Best GSP memory: GSP Academic panel and the time spent with my administrative mentor.

Angela can be contacted at