Office of Intercultural Affairs

Clark students

Immigration Policy

The Office of Intercultural Affairs is responsible for implementing university policies regarding immigration issues. Please contact the director of the OIA at 508-793-7362 for further information about the policies.

H-1B Sponsorship Policy

The University will sponsor academic positions for H-1B immigration status. The Office of Intercultural Affairs is the only entity approved to process H-1B petitions on behalf of Clark University. Employees or departments within the university are not allowed to hire outside attorneys.

Permanent Residency Sponsorship Policy

The University will sponsor certain positions for permanent residency. If a department is interested in pursuing permanent residency for a faculty or administrator, we request that you initially contact the Office of Human Resources/Affirmative Action. The HR/AA office will confer with the Office of Intercultural Affairs, who handles immigration processing for Clark, to determine if the position held by the faculty or administrator is likely to qualify for University sponsorship. If so, the Office of Intercultural Affairs will provide the faculty or administrator with a list of approved immigration attorneys to contact. The faculty/staff member must then choose one of the attorneys to process the application if they wish University sponsorship. The faculty/staff member is responsible for all attorney fees. No other attorneys will be allowed to process permanent residency applications on behalf of the University.