Center for Counseling and Personal Growth

Welcome to Center for Counseling and Personal Growth

Welcome to the Clark University Center for Counseling and Personal Growth! Our main goal at the Center for Counseling and Personal Growth (CPG) is to promote the wellbeing of Clark students. Our counseling services are offered with recognition and appreciation of each student's individual and unique personality, and we are honored to play a part in helping students to strive emotionally and intellectually.

The services at CPG are provided free of charge. We assist students in dealing with a variety of issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress management
  • Adjustment to college
  • Relationship issues
  • Family issues
  • Roommate conflict
  • Time management / Procrastination
  • Substance abuse
  • Body image issues
  • Sexual and gender identity issues
  • Motivation
  • Trauma

Scope of Services

Services are short-term, and students are able to utilize 6 therapy sessions per semester. For those students looking for a more long-term relationship with a counselor, we can assist in the facilitation of a referral to a mental health practitioner in the nearby community. We operate from a student-centered perspective, in which the student takes an active role in his or her treatment. Our therapeutic services are primarily strength-based and solution focused, with emphasis on behavior-based problem solving. Some students experience needs outside the scope of our services, for example: conditions requiring close coordination with psychiatrists or other providers; conditions with persistent symptoms of risk to personal safety; and conditions requiring access to therapists outside of normal business hours. These students are encouraged to consult with us for an assessment of their symptoms (diagnostic evaluation), and assistance with a referral to mental health providers in the community.


Clark University currently has a contract with a psychiatrist, Daniel Kirsch, MD, who is part of UMASS Memorial Department of Psychiatry. In order to see Dr. Kirsch, a student needs to be actively attending and utilizing counseling services at CPG on a regular basis. If a student chooses not to attend counseling at CPG, we can help them connect with other psychiatry services in the Worcester area.

Confidentiality and Safety

The entire staff at CPG takes students' privacy very seriously, and our personal and professional ethics guide us in ensuring that the services students receive here remain confidential. The service is confidential for students and information is not shared without permission, except in these following cases:

  • When a counselor believes you present an imminent danger to yourself or others
  • When a counselor believes the life and safety of a readily identifiable third person is endangered
  • When a counselor believes that a child or vulnerable adult is being subjected to abuse, neglect, or exploitation
  • When disclosure is made necessary by legal proceedings

Our Location

The Center for Counseling and Personal Growth is located at 501 Park Avenue, adjacent to Health Services. Our building is located a few blocks from campus. To view a map of where our center is located, select here.

Hours of Operation

Our counseling center is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm when school is in session. It is open on a limited basis during Fall, Winter and Spring breaks and is closed during the summer (May 15th to August 15th). Depending on the time of year, students are generally seen within a week of their request for an initial appointment. During peak times of use, such as November and April, students may have to wait a little longer to get in.

How To Make an Appointment

First-time appointments at the Clark University Center for Counseling and Personal Growth by calling (508)793-7678 and leaving a detailed, confidential message in Mailbox 1, or by emailing

To facilitate the scheduling process, when requesting an appointment, please give the following information: Your name, class year, email address, phone number, and please indicate all of the days and times that you are available to come in for an appointment. A staff member from CPG will reach out to you within 24 hours of your request to initiate the scheduling process.

NOTE: We do not allow parents or staff to schedule appointments for a student. In addition, we do not reach out to students by request to begin the scheduling process. All appointments must be made by the person seeking counseling.

Urgent Counseling Services

If you are in a crisis or have an urgent need to be seen, our Counselor on Duty can meet with you on Monday through Friday between the hours of 2pm and 4pm. Urgent appointments are available for students who are unable to wait for a regular appointment due to feeling overwhelmed by acute personal problems. Some examples of reasons to see a Counselor on Duty for an urgent appointment include:

  • If you are having thoughts or plans of hurting or killing yourself or someone else
  • If you have a concern about someone else’s suicidal thoughts or behaviors
  • If you are engaging in self-destructive behaviors that feel out-of-control and/or put your health at significant risk
  • If someone close to you has died recently
  • If you have a difficult decision to make in the next 2-3 days
  • If you have been recently sexually assaulted
  • If you are losing touch with reality or having otherwise disturbing behaviors

This service is available to students on a first come/first serve basis. The amount of time available for each student depends on the level of need and the number of students who have requested an urgent appointment for that day. In order to be seen for an urgent appointment, students must schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call Robin Reiss at (508) 793-7423. After the appointment is scheduled, please go to the Center for Counseling and Personal Growth at 501 Park Avenue a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions or would like to know more information about CPG, we invite you to look at our new website: . For any other questions, please feel free to email CPG Director, Megan Kersting, at