Environmental Science

Environmental Science at Clark

Environmental science (ES) is an interdisciplinary major, bringing together the study of the physical, biological, geographical, and policy aspects of the natural environment. If you choose to major in environmental science, you will take courses in all areas of the major, but will choose one of the three tracks below as your primary focus. Environmental Science also offers a minor and an honors program.

Interdisciplinary Faculty

ES faculty come from a wide range of Clark departments. Most are from biology; geography; and international development, community, and environment (IDCE), but others are from departments as diverse as chemistry, economics, management, philosophy, government and physics. Many research faculty from Clark's George Perkins Marsh Institute are also contributors to the ES major.

What can you do with an environmental science major?

Environmental Science at Clark provides training if you are interested in pursuing a career in science, government, business, consulting, or education. Clark graduates are working is such wide range of areas as environmental regulations of pollution, water and wetlands conservation, clean technology, hazardous waste cleanup, public health protection, environmental planning, field and laboratory studies of endangered species and conservation planning. Some students pursue graduate work and go on to careers in academia and law degrees.

2013 LEEP Project Pioneers: Environmental Science Majors

Jake KaileyShane D'LimaJake Kailey '14
Major: Environmental Science & Policy
Project Mentor: Tim Downs

Mapping Impacts of Industrial Pollution in Salamanca, Guanajuato, Mexico Jake, along with Shane D'Lima