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The Psychology Department’s facilities include more than 35,000 square feet of laboratory space for all faculty and student research, including offices for graduate students. A Research Skills Room contains computers for undergraduate data analysis, and a Presentation Preparation Room contains computers, printers, and imaging technology for the preparation of posters and other presentation materials for conferences and professional meetings.

The lab spaces are organized in clusters that characteristically contain three or four (or more) data collection rooms, observation rooms, and data coding and analysis spaces. These lab clusters include:

  • A Family Study Center, containing several pairs of rooms in which individuals or groups can be observed and filmed through one-way mirrors
  • The Developmental Lab, with similar sets of paired rooms
  • A Social-Personality Lab, with eight smaller rooms suitable for two to four people, and two larger rooms that accommodate 10 to 15 people, all observable through one-way mirrors and by video
  • A Chemical Senses Lab
  • A Psychophysiology Lab, with up-to-date recording equipment
  • A Psychotherapy Research Lab
  • Three additional pairs of rooms that are available for use by anyone with data collection needs

In addition, the Psychological Services area includes two therapy suites that permit the observation and videotaping of clinical sessions.

Finally, the department maintains two laboratory spaces dedicated to research on reasoning and the development of scientific thinking. In addition to the myriad data collection spaces, approximately six additional rooms are devoted to data analysis and coding of other research projects.