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First-Year Students

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Please note:

Email is currently the best mode of communication. SAS is able to schedule calls and Zoom meetings as office hours are limited during this time in order to minimize our impact to the community! We are happy to be flexible and work with each of you while you prepare for the Academic Year.

Information Specifically for Incoming First-Year Students

During the summer before their first semester at Clark, new Clarkies should consider doing the following as soon as possible:

  1. Self-identify as a student with a disability; send documentation to Student Accessibility Services (SAS), request accommodations, and register with the SAS office
  2. Attend Early Orientation

We accept documentation on a rolling basis throughout the year and are happy to meet with students to discuss accommodations. Below, find information about registering with SAS during the summer and attending Early Orientation.

For all incoming First Year Students: Please be sure to complete any applicable placement tests as early as possible (writing, math, etc) so that there are no complications with course registration!

Early Orientation

Incoming first-year students who register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) have the option to attend Early Orientation, which takes place before orientation for all new students. Early Orientation has a number of benefits, including:

  • Meet and work with student leaders before the incoming class arrives on campus
  • Get to know other students attending programs that begin early
  • Have some additional time to transition and navigate around campus
  • Attend small workshops offered by various offices on campus
  • Form lasting friendships with your peers

Registered students who participate in Early Orientation have the opportunity to move into their residence halls before the vast majority of their first-year peers — and food is included! After Early Orientation concludes, students then participate in Orientation with the rest of the incoming class.

Other than the ability to move in earlier than most others, Early Orientation offers SAS-specific orientation to help students transition to their new lives as Clarkies.

Student Accessibility Services encourages students to self-identify and register with the office — and RSVP for Early Orientation — as early as possible. Email to RSVP.

Early Orientation

by June 9
Register for Early Orientation

Email to let SAS staff know that you’re interested in participating in Early Orientation.

June 23
Early Orientation

Early Orientation offers two days of SAS-specific orientation to help students transition to their new lives as Clarkies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Orientation costs $50. This charge is applied directly to the orientation charge on the student’s bill.

The sessions offered during the Orientation family program are different from the sessions for families during day one of Early Orientation. Some of the information shared may be similar, but families attending both Early Orientation and the Orientation family program will have the opportunity to meet more campus community members and learn more about the campus and its supports.

We appreciate that travel concerns may make attending both difficult, and it is not mandatory. Ultimately, the choice is the left up to each family. That being said, we would love to welcome you to both!

Contact Information

Student Accessibility Services

Office Location
Office Hours
  • The SAS Office is open on weekdays, typically from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.