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The Office of Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research (STAIR) provides accurate and timely information and analyses to inform strategic decision-making processes in support of the University mission. The office also serves as an official source of information for accreditation and federal reporting agencies.

In 2016, the Office of Institutional Research was renamed to include strategic analytics in its title, reflecting a new core function of our mission.

If you are a member of the Clark community, you may complete our Data Request form. We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible (i.e., 2–4 weeks).

Members of the Clark community also can view the Factbook to answer common questions, such as: How many students have majored in my program over the past five years? How many faculty members does my department have?

Contact with any questions.

As a way to assess the perspectives and experiences of our students, and identify areas, policies, and practices for continual improvement, Clark regularly participates in various national and internally developed surveys.

  • CIRP Freshman Survey: Administered by the Higher Education Research Institute at the beginning of the semester, this survey asks incoming first year students about their academic preparedness, expectations, and concerns.
  • First Year CheckIn: At the end of first year students’ first semester, students are invited to share feedback on their Clark experience thus far as well as the first year intensive course.
  • Graduate Student Survey: Every two years, all enrolled graduate students are asked to provide feedback on their programs and overall graduate experience.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE): Every three years, Clark first year students and seniors are invited to participate in this national survey about participation in programs and activities.
  • Student PULSE Satisfaction Survey: Every two years, undergraduate students provide feedback on campus services and facilities.
  • Senior survey. Each year, graduating classes are asked to reflect on their experiences at Clark and share their plans.
  • Alumni survey. Administered by Higher Education Data Systems (HEDS) consortium, alumni are asked to report on their current activities and reflect on the impact of engagement.
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