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What drives us—Our Vision

  • To foster a culture where colleagues possess a strong understanding of Clark’s data and actively use institutional data to assess performance and to inform decision-making, policy development and improvements
  • To provide thought leadership and guidance in drawing upon data to inform policy and changes, lead proactive analyses in support of strategic decision-making among University leadership, and synthesize institutional knowledge through identification of trends and connections across analyses
  • To promote Clark Analytics as a destination to support access to University statistics and trends
  • To serve as an authoritative resource for University statistics and reporting

Data Request

If you are a member of the Clark community, you may complete our Data Request Form We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible (i.e., 2–4 weeks).

Members of the Clark community also can view the Factbook to answer common questions, such as: How many students have majored in my program over the past five years? How many faculty members does my department have?

Contact us with any questions.

Our Values

We prioritize meticulous reporting and providing deep insights to our stakeholders and collaborate with various campus constituencies to enhance institutional capacity and effectiveness.


Our office prioritizes working together with faculty committees, academic units, and administrative departments to co-develop queries and action plans based on understanding context.

Accuracy and Timeliness

We serve as hosts of a centralized repository of information and strive to reliably provide authoritative, unbiased data that accurately represents the University and serves as official information.

Insightful Findings

We seek to generate actionable analyses that have an impact on University activities and efforts through concise reports.

Continual Improvement

We seek to advance Clark to achieve its mission by assessing its efforts and self-reflecting and learning from internal and external data.

Student Voice

We highly value students’ perspectives and experiences, and where possible, seek to integrate their perspectives into findings based on student survey data.


We are dedicated to protecting individuals’ privacy and to serving as responsible stewards of the confidentiality of information we collect and have access to.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Strategic Analytics & Institutional Research office firmly commits to supporting diversity, equity and inclusion through our work. We believe that it is important to recognize diversity, equity, and inclusion as an important context for all facets of the work we do.

Contact Information

Strategic Analytics and Institutional Research

Office Location
Tableau Office Hours
  • Thursday’s from 9 – 10 a.m.

    Please contact us to book a meeting during the office hours.