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Statement: ‘Our community must stand united against racism and injustice’

To the Clark community,

We are horrified by the cruel and unjust killing of George Floyd, by the grave other recent incidents of violence against black men that it mirrors, and by the deeper issues in our society that it reflects. We share with all of you deep concern at the trauma that is once again being experienced by people of color across this country. We know that fear and vulnerability extend to the African American/black members of our own community, and to others who are marginalized. Our community must stand united against racism and injustice. We must not be silent.

Many have written asking that we examine our own policies and practices concerning campus safety and policing in Worcester to ensure they reflect in principle — and in action — our shared values of respect, justice, and freedom for all to learn without fear or concern. At Clark, we have always believed that it is appropriate, as a first step, to examine critically our own actions, and to do so in a transparent and responsive manner. We are committed to identifying and implementing ways to improve, and we will do so here as well.

It is important that we approach such work with care, rigor, and an openness to all voices. This summer, we will initiate an inclusive process to find ways to further ensure that we live our shared values with respect to campus safety and the well-being of everyone in the Clark community.  This review will involve students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Today, however, we grieve at another instance of what is now an all-too-frequent tragedy. People across the Clark community are hurting because of it and are worried about the aftermath. Please support each other.


David P. Angel, President
David B. Fithian ’87, President-elect