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LARC students observing professor pointing at blackboard

Liberal Arts for Returning Citizens (LARC) is a tuition-free college credit program at Clark University for formerly incarcerated individuals. Through the power of a liberal arts education, students can transform their lives by improving their critical thinking and communication skills. Classes are offered during fall, spring, and summer terms.


Program Details

Each course is offered on a pass/fail basis, is seven weeks long, and is the equivalent to 0.5 credit hours at Clark or 2 credit hours if the student transfers to a community college or a four-year college. A high school diploma or equivalent is required to enroll in LARC.

While LARC is a non-matriculating program, students receive Clark IDs and can use university services such as the Writing Center, library, and fitness center. LARC students can join student clubs and participate in the vibrant college life on campus with events like the weekly Clark Collective pop-ups and Clark Tank.

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John Dobson
Associate Professor, School of Management

Shelly Tenenbaum
Professor, Department of Sociology

Jennifer Plante
Associate Dean of the College

Sarah Barry
Administrative Coordinator


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