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curriculum to careers hero image including 3 different students in class environment

Cultivate campus leadership and model shared responsibility for students’ success post-graduation.

Student success post-graduation is foundational to Clark’s emerging Strategic Framework. Our Curriculum & Careers (C&C) Initiative infuses career readiness within the curriculum and in academic advising so students are intentionally reflecting, articulating and translating their knowledge, skills and experiences to life after Clark.  We have restructured our undergraduate curriculum around a liberal learning approach that emphasizes “capacities of effective practice.” We believe that capacities of effective practice, a hallmark of liberal education, are needed to translate knowledge, ideas, and values into action, and are what allows students to thrive in life and career.

Clark launched Curriculum & Careers in 2019 with funding from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, C&C fosters a new partnership model between faculty and staff leaders to strengthen the curriculum through the lens of career readiness; enhance and develop courses; develop experiential major maps; and infuse career readiness into academic advising.



Integrate the concept of careers into a liberal education through a holistic and equity focused lens.


Increase the visibility, and connectivity of curricular and co-curricular learning as it relates to student success post-graduation.


Develop mechanisms to sustain and institutionalize C&C work.


Contribute our experiences to national conversations about the value of a liberal education.