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Archibald Cox


Mr. President: It is an honor for me to present Archibald Cox. Mr. Cox has earned our commendation through his accomplishments as a scholar, his distinguished public service and because of the integrity and strength with which he has pursued both.

His enduring works on labor law, on civil rights and on the Supreme Court have justly earned him professional respect and admiration.

His record of public service is formidable with his most recent contribution to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a valiant attempt to reform our court system.

But where we know Archibald Cox best is in his role as Special Watergate Prosecutor from May to October 1973.

But even there it is not his work alone that we admire though it is admirable, it is rather the evidence of the personal characteristics of the man. These qualities are alone sufficient to justify the honor that Clark University is about to bestow on him.

Archibald Cox receiving honorary degree at Clark
Archibald Cox receives his honorary degree in 1980.

In the face of pressure to compromise from the highest office in the land, in opposition to the most thoroughly corrupt presidency in our history, Archibald Cox stuck to those principles which academics hold sacred.

The combination in Archibald Cox of intellect, dedication and integrity symbolize for us those things which all universities stand for.

On behalf of the Trustees and Faculty of Clark University, I request that the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, be conferred on him.