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Heat Advisory

We are expecting temperatures in the mid-90s on Sunday, please take extra precautions.

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Worcester, MA and we are expecting temperatures in the mid-90s on Sunday. Please know that while the outdoor ceremonies will be tented, most of the seating for visitors will not be undercover and, therefore, will be exposed to the weather. We are taking extra precautions and encourage you to do the same.

  • The commencement ceremonies will be livestreamed, with indoor viewing areas on campus. Anyone who may be compromised by the heat should consider watching indoors.
  • Water will be available at stations on the campus green, as well as a concession stand in front of the University Center.
  • If anyone is in need of medical attention, responders will be on-hand under a tent in front of Jonas Clark Hall and available to provide medical transport, if necessary.

Please do consider your own personal needs and plan accordingly.

Most of all, come ready to celebrate this fantastic milestone for our graduates!