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Have you noticed the colorful bed of tulips blooming near the Sigmund Freud statue in Red Square?

Last October, members of the Clark community came together to plant the bulbs as part of @theyellowtulipproject β€” a nonprofit organization that works to smash the stigma surrounding mental illness. Now, the flowers are in full bloom! 🌷

The effort was organized by Anna Pellerin ’23, M.A. ’24, who has worked with the Yellow Tulip Project since high school and wanted to carry its message of hope over to Clark. She says the creation of the garden was a true community effort and serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of places, with the support of others, hope can thrive.

β€œFrom my professor, Michael Keating, and his business donating the tulips and their time, to the friends and strangers that showed up to plant one or 10 bulbs, this was a community effort, and my heart is so full seeing our hard work bloom,” Pellerin says, adding, β€œI know that not all the tulips in our Hope Garden are yellow, but I think that’s just another way Clark is choosing to challenge convention, and I kind of love it.”

Great work, Anna! πŸ’›