Clark Connect launch

ClarkCONNECT links students with alumni for career preparation

October 3, 2017

Clark University has officially launched the digital platform for ClarkCONNECT, an exciting new initiative that connects students to the broader Clark community for mentorship, college-to-career exploration, and world and workplace opportunities.

The ClarkCONNECT forum lets alumni, faculty and Clark partners help students shape their goals; offer them industry expertise and career guidance; and provide job shadowing, internships and employment that prepares them for a successful launch. Our digital platform links Clarkies across the globe, making it easier to establish and foster these valuable contacts.

To date, more than 700 alumni, 230 undergraduate students and 100 faculty/staff have joined ClarkCONNECT.

“The success of ClarkCONNECT lies in our ability to enable good connections that result in a positive experience for all involved, especially our students as they prepare to enter the world of work and graduate school,” President David Angel said in a message to the Clark community announcing the platform’s Oct. 3 debut.

Read ClarkCONNECT stories about student-alumni links
• Christie Joyce ’16, M.S.’17,
and Dr. Mark A. Tepper ’79

• Madelyn Bowers '18 and
Laura Faulkner ’10, M.P.A. ’11

• Colin Sterling Jr. ’18 and
Dr. Richard Pietras ’69

Joining ClarkCONNECT offers substantial benefits to students, including:

  • Unprecedented access to alumni/faculty/parent mentors.
  • Engagement in relevant topics and trends in academic/career-themed communities.
  • Pathways for internships and research collaborations, networking and employment opportunities, advice and guidance about careers and industries, and help with internship, job, and graduate school applications.

Alumni and other participants also will find advantages to ClarkCONNECT membership, such as:

  • Access to exceptional talent.
  • Expansion of their own professional networks while also deepening their connection to the University.
  • The rewards of helping students amplify their development and preparation.

ClarkCONNECT communities are organized by academic and professional disciplines, allowing participants to choose those most closely aligned with their interests. Each community is led by alumni and faculty co-chairs, and supported by Clark staff.

Recent stories illustrate how Clark alumni are mentoring students in areas like cancer research and nonprofit work, and hiring Clarkies as interns and employees.

Learn more about ClarkCONNECT — and join us. 

Top: Dan DiSano '90 speaks with students at the launch of the Markets and Business Networked Community in March.