Learning to connect with, contribute to and collaborate within a community of peers and partners is an essential skill for future success. The connections you make and the support you receive from — and give to — others are powerful advantages. ClarkCONNECT models this structure and energy by extending and reinforcing Clark’s reach beyond campus, bringing together students, alumni, faculty, parents and friends to expand students’ knowledge and prepare them for a successful career launch.


Join ClarkCONNECT to gain unprecedented access to alumni/faculty/parent mentors and engage in relevant topics and trends in academic/career themed communities. From these connections, discover pathways for internships and research collaborations, networking and employment opportunities, advice and guidance about careers and industries, and help with internship, job, and graduate school applications.

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Participate in ClarkCONNECT and amplify our students’ development and preparation — and gain access to exceptional talent. You can enable them to make better, more informed choices after graduation. You can provide advice and guidance, share your stories of success, offer internship and employment opportunities, expand your professional networks, and deepen your connection with the University.

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Success Stories

Community Works

ClarkCONNECT has already shown practical success in helping students discover the direction and opportunities they need to accomplish their goals.

This initiative gives alumni and other Clark partners a forum in which to provide our students with job-market advice, industry expertise and valuable post-Clark connections. Here are some of their stories.

Janette Ekanem shares her professional journey with Clark students at symposia organized by her former professor Mark Miller. “Professor Miller made us look at the ways that cases were connected to the social movements of the time.”

Janette Ekanem ’09
Kotin, Crabtree & Strong LLP,  Boston


“I see the value in directly supporting and impacting Clark students’ career preparation by offering internship and employment opportunities. Our Clark hires reimagine problems, execute assignments and become productive members of our organization.”

Dan Di Sano ’90
President and CEO
Axispoint, Inc., New York 

Real-world experience

“I understand the challenges students are facing right now, and as an individual who has experienced those challenges I’d like to guide and assist in any way possible. It’s our obligation as Clarkies to continue helping our communities.”

Miguel Lara ’15, M.B.A. ’16
Case Administrator
Federal Judiciary


“It’s important to show students that networks of alums are there to support you, no matter where you are. When you feel like nobody knows what you’re feeling, we’ve just been through it.”

Clark Jackson ’14
Research Associate
Adelphi Values


“As a mentor, my job is to give Clark University students opportunities to shine. As a mentor and as a graduate, I view myself as someone who has the ability to open some doors.”

Gary Labovich ’81
Executive Vice President
Booz Allen Hamilton

Real-world experience

“Six Clarkies created Company One Theatre almost 20 years ago. Hiring Clark students and alumni has been our pleasure and benefits the ongoing successful operation of our organization.”  

Sasha Abby VanDerzee ’00
Board President
Company One


Current Communities

Our six ClarkCONNECT Communities are organized by academic and professional disciplines, encompassing many of our most popular offerings. Choose those that most closely align with your interests. Each community is led by alumni and faculty co-chairs, and supported by Clark staff.

Biology & Biosciences

Focused on the practice and study of biology, biosciences, and biotechnology, and the application of these sciences in industry and our community

  • John J. Keilty '91
  • Kendall L. Knight '75, Ph.D.
  • Denis Larochelle, Ph.D.
  • Justin Thackeray, Ph.D.

Creative Arts

Designed for those who are passionate about the field and study of the arts, and the role of the arts within our community.

  • Leah Abrams '96
  • Gino Dilorio '83
  • Matthew Malsky, Ph.D.


Provides an opportunity for students to engage with professionals in the fields of health, health care, and health policy.

  • Dr. Dennis M. Dimitri '75
  • Miranda Katsoyannis '78
  • James Gomes
  • Rosalie Torres Stone, Ph.D.
Passion with a Purpose

Law & Regulatory Affairs

Addresses the myriad issues and opportunities in today’s legal and regulatory environment, in both the private and public sectors

  • Judge Margaret R. Guzman ′89
  • Alan B. Sharaf ′72, Ph.D. '78
  • Mark C. Miller, J.D., Ph.D.

Markets & Business

Focused on developing and applying the skills and knowledge needed for success in business, management, finance, marketing, and economics

  • Jennifer Ball '89
  • Paul Saltzman '82
  • Barbara Bigelow, Ph.D.
  • Jacqueline Geoghegan, Ph.D.
  • Catherine Usoff, Ph.D.
Passion with a Purpose


Engages students interested in either practicing or holding positions within the field of psychology, or in studying the human mind

  • Robert Weinstein '81, Ph.D.
  • James Cordova, Ph.D.
  • Esteban Cardemil, Ph.D.
Passion with a Purpose
networked communities discuss business
Markets & Business

Clark alumni discuss the business of work

Clark University alumni who excel in marketing, business and technology returned to campus recently to share advice and tips with students eyeing similar paths.

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Jason Feifer
Markets & Business

Jason Feifer ’02 on Clark, writing, and the next Big Idea

The most valuable lesson Jason Feifer ’02, editor-in-chief at Entrepreneur Magazine, learned while a Clark University student? Question everything.

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networked communities health care

Alumni ClarkCONNECT panel takes the pulse of health care

As the U.S. House debated the Affordable Care Act recently, Clark University alumni involved in public health discussed what’s next for their profession and the cross-section of Americans they serve.

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Director of ClarkCONNECT