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A Remarkable Partnership

The EverTrue-Clark Advancement Lab is a groundbreaking and collaborative initiative that brings together the expertise of EverTrue and Clark University.


Our goal is to reimagine the alumni and donor experience by leveraging the transformative role of technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Our multi-faceted objectives for the lab include:

Transformation of the Donor Experience

Our primary objective is to use technology, particularly AI, to reimagine the alumni and donor experience by forging deeper, more meaningful connections with our alumni and donors, enhancing their engagement and stewardship experiences.

Unlocking AI’s Potential

We aim to harness the transformative power of AI to amplify our university advancement efforts. By properly testing and integrating AI tools, we will optimize and elevate our strategies, setting new industry standards.

Continuous Learning Hub

The Lab will also serve as a vibrant hub for continuous learning and innovation, fostering an environment of growth and exploration for both the Clark Advancement and EverTrue teams.

Ethical Leadership

Navigating the ethical landscape of AI is paramount. Our goal is to lead by example, setting the highest standards of ethical practice in the deployment of AI technologies.

Adaptive Regulation

As AI regulations evolve, we will proactively address policy implications. By engaging with leading experts in AI policy, we aim to establish a flexible, regulatory-compliant framework that adapts to changing requirements at all levels.

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