IDCE Students Profiles

Jenkins Macedo (IDSC '2012)

Jenkins Macedo (USA) has served as program coordinator for RESPECT Ghana, and an associate of RESPECT International in Canada creating awareness and education about refugee issues. He earned his associate degree in agriculture education from the West African College for Sustainable Development in Accra, Ghana in 2006. He graduated from Worcester State College in 2010 with a B.S. in sociology and geography with a concentration in environmental science. He was awarded the Colleges of Worcester Consortium Worcester State College 2010 Community Engagement Awards for volunteering at the African Community Education Program (ACE). In 2008, he worked as a RA forthe Bridging Barriers Research Project. He also has conducted quantitative research on the integration of Liberian refugees and also environmental impacts of warehoused refugees in Ghana, geocoding the locations of students of the ACE program in the City of Worcester and a research project on the human impacts of the war in Iraq.