New LinkedIn feature connects thousands of Clarkies online

The popular social media site LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that allows thousands of Clark alumni to connect online.

LinkedIn University pulls data from individual profiles on the popular networking site and aggregates it onto a common page dedicated to a specific college or university. LinkedIn users who cite Clark University as their alma mater immediately have their information funneled to the Clark page on LinkedIn University. As of this writing about 19,000 Clarkies were connected.

The site will let you know where Clark alumni are working. For instance, 121 Clarkies are listed as employees of Fidelity Investments; one click later, and their profiles are readily available. The site also breaks down where alumni are living throughout the world, the types of jobs they hold, the professional and scholarly fields they’ve entered, and the graduate schools in which they are enrolled. As an example, a user  can personalize his or her search to identify Clark graduates in the San Francisco area who work in human resources, or to learn what positions Clarkies hold at Hewlett-Packard. Searches also can be narrowed to a particular graduation year, or range of years.

A section titled “Notable Alumni,” which highlights Clark graduates who are prominent in a wide range of career fields, is also featured on the LinkedIn University page.

Alumni can also visit Clark’s Return on Education page to read the profiles and career outcomes of many Clark University graduates. Click on the tab “Tell us about you” and let us know where your post-Clark path has taken you.