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Testing Requirements

With a recent surge in positive COVID-19 cases at area colleges and concerning signs here at Clark, we are making the following changes to our surveillance testing protocol as of Monday, Sept. 13:

  • All Clark students, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated: Testing required every four days.
  • Vaccinated staff and faculty: Testing required once every seven days.
  • Unvaccinated  staff and faculty: Testing required every four days.
  • Staff and faculty who are on campus more than three days per week: Strongly encouraged to test multiple times each week.
  • All students, faculty, and staff may test more frequently: As always, anyone within Clark’s testing protocol — whether student, staff, or faculty — is welcome to test more frequently than required if they choose to do so.

Testing Hours

Clark’s testing facility will now be open seven days a week:  

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (except for Nov. 24)
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Noon to 4 p.m.

The testing facility is located in the Grace and Lurie conference rooms on the ground floor of the Higgins University Center.

Walk-ins are accepted, or you may schedule an appointment.

Unavailable for Testing?

If you will be away from campus for an extended period of time and you will be unable to get tested at Clark on your regular cadence, please notify the testing operation at

Why Test?

Public-health experts have advised us that, in tandem with good health and prevention practices (e.g., masks), using a regular testing protocol is among the best ways to mitigate spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Regular testing also allows the University to act swiftly to identify individuals who test positive and should be quarantined and receive medical treatment, and to mitigate the spread of the virus (including through contact tracing).

What to Expect When You Get Tested

When you arrive for your test, please be sure to bring your Clark ID (or driver’s license or other valid photo ID). The test requires a self-administered nasal swab (not a deep nasal swab) and generally takes no more than five minutes from check-in to completion.

Test Results

Test results will be available to you via a web-based portal called CareEvolve within 24 hours of when the sample arrives at the lab. Clark’s samples arrive at the lab at approximately 8 p.m.  When your test result is available, you will receive an email from with details on how to access the result.

When you set up your account, unless you provided a new address at test check-in, you should use “950 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01610” and the phone number you provided at check-in.

Again, please note: If your home address/zip code did not work for login, please use Clark’s address and Zip code:

950 Main Street
Worcester MA 01610

Possible results of the test are:

  • Negative: The 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was not detected by the test.
  • Positive: The 2019-novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was detected by the test. These results will be delivered via phone or in-person. Worth noting is the reported 0.3% false positive rate, meaning if 400 people without the virus are tested, one is likely to come back with an incorrect positive test.
  • TNP (Test Not Processed): There was something wrong with the sample provided and the test was not run. This could be that the swab stick was broken, the cap on the vial wasn’t tight, or many other things that would cause the lab to not process the test.
  • Invalid: There was not enough material on the swab to run a test. Blowing your nose before entering the Kneller Center can help minimize the chance of an invalid test.