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Vaccinations are required to attend Clark in the fall. Upload a copy of your vaccination card now.

Spring Reopening

President David Fithian has announced that Clark will reopen for the spring 2021 semester, with classes resuming on Feb. 22.

Clark will follow its current academic model of allowing faculty and students the choice of whether they want to participate in in-person learning, online learning, or some hybrid version of these two modalities.

Spring 2021 Move-In

The residence halls will reopen for move-in March 5 and 6, 2021.

  • All classes will begin on Monday, Feb. 22, in fully remote mode.
  • Move-in days for those choosing to return to campus will be Friday and Saturday,  March 5  and 6.
  • All classes will be canceled on Friday, March 5, to accommodate travel and moving back to campus.
  • All classes will continue to be held remotely on Monday and Tuesday,  March 8  and 9.
  • In-person and hybrid classes will begin on Wednesday, March 10. Classes predetermined to be conducted online will continue in that format for the remainder of the semester.

Tuition and Room and Board Updates

  • Clark is proud of our commitment to high quality instruction regardless of modality. Tuition will remain the same as the published rates for 2020-2021.
  • Room and board charges will be adjusted based on the date that residence halls reopen. Adjustments will be processed and refunds will be issued after students return to campus and all room and board adjustments are completed. Once adjustments are completed and refunds are issued, students can view changes to their account via their CU Web account.
    • In order to expedite receiving the funds, we strongly encourage students to set up direct deposit to a U.S. bank account. To do so securely, please complete the required information and upload a picture ID here. This information can be submitted using a smartphone to upload a picture ID. Please do NOT send any full banking information via email as it is not secure.
    • Students who do not set up a direct deposit account may experience a delay in receiving funds, and must confirm their current refund address by following the instructions found here.

Student Employment Update

Student employees who were scheduled and approved to work on campus at the start of the spring semester, but who are not able to work due to the delayed return to campus, will continue to be paid for their missed time. They should enter their scheduled hours in the “COVID-19 Related Absence” field on their time sheet, then inform their supervisor so the time sheet can be approved accordingly. Students who are unsure of their scheduled hours should check with their supervisor. Additional information on student employees can be found here.

Course Modality Update

We know the mode in which a course is taught — in-person, online, or hybrid — is important. In this regard, students should be aware of two developments:

  • By Wednesday, February 10, any course modality changes will be processed and updated — both in the online course grids and in the students’ personal schedules.
  • Also by February 10, Clark will post a “Flexible Modality” comment on the course grid for hybrid or in-person courses. This notation will indicate which faculty are willing to teach in multiple modalities concurrently, without requiring students to check with them first. The “Flexible Modality” notation can be used in the grid’s search feature to find courses/faculty willing to proactively offer flexibility and optionality to students. Please note that some faculty may choose not to request this notation and continue to require students to be physically present for their hybrid or in-person course beginning March 10. If a student wishes to take a course in a different modality than presented on the grid — and the course is not listed as “Flexible Modality” — they should contact the instructor directly.

Following The Clark Commitment When Away

As during this semester, students, faculty, and staff who intend to return to campus for the spring semester are expected to continue following The Clark Commitment even when they are off campus or away from Clark.

Making Travel Plans for Spring

When making travel plans, it is advisable to seek flexible or refundable tickets in the event you cannot return to campus personally to retrieve belongings or resume coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, check out these answers to commonly asked questions you may have about academics, student life, COVID-19 testing, and other aspects of Clark.