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For updates about COVID-19 at Clark, please visit the Healthy Clark Dashboard.

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The Healthy Clark COVID Plan summarized here provides guidelines and specifications for the many aspects of academic and campus life affected by the pandemic and the University’s commitment to a healthy and productive campus experience. This plan is a work in progress and will continue to be amended and added to over the coming days and weeks. We encourage you to check back regularly for the latest information. If you have questions, please contact us at We also invite you to visit our FAQs section.

Healthy Clark Dashboard

COVID-19 Testing Hours

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NOTE: Throughout this website, as necessary, we have inserted dates (in italics) to indicate when the content of a particular section was updated.


Fall Semester 2021 Announcement

Clark will be returning to fully in-person classes and on-campus activities this fall, President David Fithian announced in an April 1 message to campus.

We expect to be engaging in “near-normal” operations beginning on August 1.
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Healthy Clark Dashboard Drops to Alert Level 2

On March 4, 2021, the Healthy Clark Dashboard dropped to Alert Level 2: Reduced In-Person Activities.

Moderate alert is the default status of campus for the 2020-2021 academic year. The underlying threat of a global pandemic remains, but with low prevalence on campus. Robust testing, use of PPE, and social distancing all allow for some in-person activities, though these are significantly reduced from a typical semester on campus. Community members must adhere to all aspects of The Clark Commitment to maintain this alert level.

Visit the Healthy Clark Dashboard

Guiding Principle: The Clark Commitment

The Clark Commitment summarizes our mutual obligations to one another, the personal determination needed to live up to them, and the specific steps these obligations require. At the core of this commitment is this fundamental principle, “I know that my choices affect my well-being and the well-being of others on campus and in the community.”

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Reporting Suspected Violations of The Clark Commitment

If you are concerned that a member of the Clark community is not upholding The Clark Commitment, please submit a report.

COVID-19 Amnesty Policy

For students who are concerned that they might get into trouble if they submit a report, please note that Clark has a COVID-19 Amnesty Policy.

In cases where COVID-19 protocols are violated, the primary concern is the health and safety of the person(s) involved and our campus community. Individuals are strongly encouraged to report repeated and sustained behavior for themselves or for a friend/acquaintance that does not conform with the campus’ COVID-19 protocols.

Students will not face disciplinary action based on single or limited violations of COVID-19 policies. Additionally, students who are reporting to the University an event that may violate other provisions of the University’s Student Code of Conduct, Title IX and sexual offense policies, or other University policies will not face disciplinary action, under the Student Code of Conduct, for violation of the COVID-19 protocols.

Students found to blatantly or continually disregard COVID-19 protocols may be found in violation of the “Noncompliance with University Officials” or “Creating Dangerous or Unhealthy Conditions” provisions of the Student Code of Conduct and may need to speak with University officials to address this behavioral concern. Depending on the severity of the infraction, violation of these existing policies may result in eviction from Clark’s residence halls or suspension from the University.

Our Values

In preparing our health plans, we have been guided by five principles that reflect our values as a University:

  1. Our top priority is the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.
  2. We believe you should have options and be able to make choices that are best for you and your family. All of the options we will offer this fall, whether through learning on campus or continuing your studies online if you are unable to return, will meet Clark’s rigorous academic standards and our commitment to offering high-impact learning experiences.
  3. The on-campus experience will support and rely on students, faculty, and staff to make informed, responsible, and caring choices to provide for a healthy, shared campus environment.
  4. We are prepared to adapt rapidly and effectively our plans as required by the evolving public-health situation.
  5. We will be transparent and forthcoming in communicating our plans and the reasoning behind them.

COVID-19 Higher Education Control Plan

Completion of the COVID-19 Higher Education Control Plan demonstrates that Clark has adopted COVID-19 workplace safety rules and requirements set forth under the Governor’s Reopening Orders for Phase II and Phase III.

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