Int'l Students Association to make Clark 'a world gone gala' April 9

The International Students Association (ISA), a student initiative at Clark University, will showcase a rich variety of cultural entertainment, fashion, and cuisine during the annual International Gala, beginning at 7 p.m., Friday, April 9, in the Kneller Athletic Center.

* Don't miss this year's "... a world gone gala" preview (click Videos) at ISA online.  

Held each spring, the International Gala is one of the most anticipated and popular student-run events at Clark. More than 2,000 people attended last year, including students, alumni, family, faculty, administrative heads and staff, members of the Worcester community, and students from the surrounding schools and colleges. It is a free event open to all members of the Worcester and Clark community.

The Gala 2010 theme is “… a world gone gala.” Chanchala Gunewardena, publicity chair of the ISA, explained: “From the initial planning stages in the fall semester between members of ISA, all the way up to the final performance in April, our idea is to make Gala an event that captures the whole Clark community on its journey to that incredible night at the Kneller — turning our Clark world into one that is all about the diversity, creativity and fun that is the International Gala.”

She continued, “International Gala is also about representing the cultures and passions of the students from all corners of the globe that volunteer to participate in it."

This year’s gala will feature performances celebrating the following countries and regions: Japan; South Korea; China; Albania; Bolivia; USA; Jamaica; Israel; Ireland; Armenia; Caribbean (Guyana, Trinidad); Aruba; Nepal; Latin America (region); Dominican Republic; Peru; Brazil; Middle East (Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon); Ukraine; Greece; Indonesia; Bangladesh; Vietnam; Venezuela; India; Pakistan; Sri Lanka; Russia; West Africa (Region); Germany; Norway; and the Pacific Islands (Tahiti & Hawaiian Islands).

The ISA at Clark University promotes better relations among students of different cultures through a variety of intellectual, informative, and entertaining events encouraging cross-cultural communication on campus and in the Worcester communities. For more information, please contact the ISA,