Eight Clark students finish up Barth Summer Internships

Eight Clark undergraduate students received stipends of up to $2500 to conduct internships in the non-profit sector this summer.  The support for these internships was made possible through the generous support of Larry Franks '73, Ellen Berelson and the Theodore H. Barth Foundation. Following is a list of these students and their internship opportunities:

Kate Bamberg '13

Internship Site: Community Supported Film, Boston, MA

Major/Minor: Screen Studies/International Development & Social Change

Community Supported Film (CSF) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of sharing the stories of communities in developing countries through the medium of film.  Kate's main focus was to assist with the distribution process of the Afghan-made film, The Fruit of Our Labor.  As a CSF intern, Kate assisted with the coordination of screenings, presentations, public engagement and fundraising campaigns; researched potential partnerships, collaborations, distribution and fundraising opportunities; wrote and copyedited for various purposes; assisted with donation tracking and acknowledgements; and maintained administrative systems.  

Jane Carper* '13

Internship Site: The Massachusetts Commission for the Status of Women, Boston, MA

Major/Minor: Psychology/Race, Class & Gender Studies As a Legislative Intern,

Jane researched and monitored state and national legislation that affects women; conducted outreach to other organizations or groups involved with issues of concern to women, and supported and contributed to activities of the Legislative Committee. The Massachusetts Commission for the Status of Women is an independent state agency whose mission is to advance women toward full equality in all areas of life and to promote rights and opportunities for all women.  

Ellen Davis '13

Internship Site: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston,

MA Major/Minor: Sociology

As part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s 2012 Volunteer Internship Program, Ellen had the opportunity to work on task forces that targeted a variety of issues from terrorism, civil rights violations and gangs to cyber-crimes or corruption.  The purpose of the FBI Volunteer Internship Program is to give undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to perform hands on work with a leading criminal justice agency, to explore possible career opportunities and to promote greater cooperation and understanding between government agencies and private citizens.   

Angela Della Porta* '13

Internship Site: Project Homecoming, New Orleans, LA

Major/Minor: Women's Studies/Political Science & Urban Development and Social Change

Project Homecoming is a prominent part of the 9th Ward in New Orleans, the neighborhood’s most affected by Hurricane Katrina.  Angela assisted with the organization's first-time homebuyer program, and helped get low-income individuals affected by Hurricane Katrina back into comfortable, affordable homes.


Dan Deutsch '13

Internship Site: Jeans 4 Justice, Solana Beach, CA

Major/Minor: Communication & Culture/Theater Arts

Jeans 4 Justice utilizes art, film, fashion, and fitness as vehicles for sexual assault prevention and awareness, while inspiring individuals to become part of the solution.  As a marketing intern, Dan assisted organization with research, marketing immersion, and community outreach.  Deutsch’s blog is online at http://j4jmarketing.blogspot.com/.  

Shannon Hookanson* '15

Internship Site: Rhode Island International Film Festival, Providence, RI

Major/Minor: Screen Studies

As a RIIFF summer intern, Shannon helped determine which films would be selected for the August 7-12, 2012 festival.  Each video had to be viewed and voted on three times between the interns, directors, and other various employees of RIIFF.  From these votes, the films were narrowed down even further. The organization receives thousands of submissions from countries all around the globe. In 2011, RIIFF received 4,537 submissions. The goal of the organization is to narrow down these submissions to simply 150 films over the course of a few short months.  

Volha Hrytskevich '13

Internship Site: The World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC

Major/Minor: Economics

The International Finance Corporation belongs to the World Bank Group. Among other activities, it produces an annual report titled Doing Business which ranks 183 countries in terms of business regulations and ease of starting a business. This summer, Volha worked in the World Bank as a short term analyst.  She assisted with data collection, analysis of business regulatory environments and writing knowledge products for Doing Business.   Volha kept a blog of her experience at http://myclarksummer.blogspot.com/.    

Alexandra Katechis* '14

Internship Site: Worcester Education Collaborative, Worcester, MA

Major/Minor: English

The Worcester Education Collaborative (WEC) works to provide multiple opportunities to students in the Worcester Public Schools so that they can acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.  Alexandra helped with WEC’s current research project on third grade reading benchmarks, worked to build fulfilling out-of-school learning experiences for students in Worcester, and assisted in the preparation of grants.   * Partial award