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Philix Liu ’11, MBA ’12

Philix LiuLife in Shanghai began to feel the blow toward late January when the strict lockdown was placed nationwide. Life and business were dramatically changed for a while for the entire population — it felt like we were at war at some point. The 2020 new year resolution had changed from “prosperity and success in the new year” to merely “survival.” However, thanks to the coordinated effort of each individual and the government, the strict lockdown paid off after two months and optimism returned amidst the reopening of the economy. While the combination of remote working and visiting-office becomes the new norm, everything is returning to almost exactly like pre-COVID, besides the face mask order in all public spaces. Meanwhile, now that the situation in China is pretty much relieved, I am helping with my U.S. clients to source face masks in case their employees are required to wear them when the economy there is reopening. I would sincerely hope every habitant on earth now can stay in solidarity to get through this temporary hardship. Together we will thrive.