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Payal Thiffault ’00

Payal ThiffaultA few months ago if someone had said we’d be walking around in masks, terrified of human contact, I’d think they were crazy.

This reality comes with so many challenges, but presents opportunities at the same time. The biggest realization for me is that we have to get creative and find ways to adapt to this new normal. Sometimes isolation inspires creative thinking, and once you find that spark, it fuels your happiness.

My daughter and I create a lot of art, and make things with what we can find. We repurpose stuff, create games and adventures to brighten the day.

Our homes have transformed into offices, schools, gyms, and so much more. Our kitchens are open all day! We need to find ways to stay happy, healthy and maintain our sense of self with all the noise that surrounds us.

Although things are stressful around us, I am comforted by the positive impact on humanity. Quarantine is bringing people closer in many ways. Being at home, people are able to connect with family and friends in different parts of the world. We try hard to make each other laugh and lighten the mood. We feel empathy for those less fortunate, and try and help in any way we can. We have immense gratitude for those on the frontlines. At work, we strive to support our peers and clients as much as we can.

All this comes with a deep realization of how much my family and friends mean to me. I miss them dearly and can’t wait to hug them when this is all done!