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For updates about COVID-19 at Clark, please visit the Healthy Clark Dashboard.

Clark Athletics & Recreation Game Night

Join Clark Athletics and Recreation every Thursday evening for a virtual game night! We'll begin with Bingo on Jan. 14 and the games will vary each week. For the most up-to-date information, check our Instagram page (@ClarkAthletics). Sign Up

Virtual Game Night

Virtual game night is a chance to unwind and have fun with friends across the Clark community. Join our graduate assistant to play games and meet new friends! We will play a variety of games over Zoom such as charades, quiz show competitions, trivia, and more. Bring your friends and join us! (Note: Times are […]

Athletics and Recreation Intersession Fitness Challenge

This fitness challenge aims to encourage physical activity of various types and will be held via email and Instagram. If you wish to participate, you may either sign up to subscribe to weekly challenges and updates, and/or follow the challenge on the Clark Athletics Instagram (@clarkathletics). Subscribe

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets can be a unique way to express yourself — and share with your best pals. In this low-key session, learn easy and quick ways to create friendship bracelets. (Note: Times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.) Check back for the Zoom link as this event gets closer!

Coffee Hours with the Clark Community

Join fellow Clark students for a social hour with themed conversation topics. We'll start out with an informal check-in and introductions. This is a great time for students to meet other students (virtually) from across departments, including SPS, SOM, and IDCE, as well as undergraduates. (Note: Times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.) Join Zoom Session

Xerox Portrait Painting

Ever since the Xerox copy machine was invented, artists have tapped into its possibilities to generate new work (like this piece, above, from a Houston, Texas, artist's ilovebutter archives). Join us for a night of creativity to produce your own Xerox portrait painting. (Note: Times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.) Check back for the Zoom […]

International Student Support Group

International Student Support Group is an online discussion group that aims to provide a safe place for Clark's international students to connect with and support each other. In this discussion group, students may share personal experiences and resources on various topics, including cultural adjustment, time management, stress reduction, self-care, healthy relationships, nutrition, etc. The group […]

Leadership Lounge

Student Leadership and Programming You’re invited to the Leadership Lounge! This is a five-week leadership series designed for students to meet other student leaders and to collaborate. While the topics will vary, student leaders can come together to share ideas and discuss the successes and challenges they have faced while operating virtually. Hosted by Mike […]

International Student Coffee Hour

International Student Coffee Hour is an opportunity for students to meet virtually with other students from campuses across New England. It is very similar to our Clark Coffee Hours, but with even more diverse students! (Note: Times are Eastern Standard Time Zone.) Join Zoom Session

Podcast Party

Interested in staying connected with campus and other students over the break? Come join us for an hour-long discussion to check in, discuss a podcast of the week, and connect with other students and staff! Drop in for one or attend all six! No need to listen to the podcast in order to join the […]

Connecting to Our Highest Purpose With Ruby Maddox

This workshop provides an original framework for helping individuals create a strategy for connecting with their purpose from their “inner-why.” Participants will gain clarity on their values, goals, and learn step by step how to connect to their purpose, develop their vision, and turn it into actionable steps. Hosted by The Higgins School of Humanities […]