Why Clark

Capturing the essence of a place that transforms intellectual inquiry into real-world impact can be difficult, like trying to define an instinct or emotion. The words are there, but Clark University is changing the vocabulary.

The rapidly shifting and increasingly interconnected world of the 21st century demands citizens who are innovative, resilient and unafraid to tackle complex problems on a global scale — from climate change to the fracturing of civil institutions. Clark ensures that its graduates not only thrive in, but contribute to this dynamic environment by building careers and lives of meaning while deploying their talents, skills and compassion in a society that sorely needs them.

To accomplish this, Clark University has forged a new model that is a powerful synthesis of research, community partnerships and undergraduate and graduate education. We cultivate the kind of intellectual dissent and forward thinking that erupts into bold ideas and spurs action that is both thoughtful and fearless. Clark is a university of consequence, where research excellence empowers action on critical human concerns, and where students pursue their passions with a singular purpose: to become a relentless force for positive change.