Graduation Requirements

What are the requirements to graduate from Clark?

The requirements for graduation from Clark University are very straightforward. You must complete:

  • Clark's Program of Liberal Studies (to ensure the breadth of a liberal arts education)
  • A First Year Intensive course (Students who transfer to Clark with sophomore or junior standing are exempt)
  • An academic major (to ensure depth in at least one field of study), usually including a capstone course that serves as the culmination of your academic career
  • A total of 32 units (one course equals one unit) with a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.0 which must be accomplished while meeting Clark's residency requirement

As a transfer student, are my requirements the same?
In general, yes. Clark informs all transfer students of the number of courses accepted in transfer and whether any of the accepted courses fulfills requirements of the Program of Liberal Studies. Additionally, any transfer student who indicates a preference for a major will have his/her courses evaluated by the chair of that department. You should plan to bring your previous college catalogs and, if possible, any syllabi for courses completed. You can then request further evaluation for any courses not initially approved for your major or the Program of Liberal Studies.

Can I get credit for work done at other colleges while still in high school?
If you have completed college courses in high school and wish to have them considered for academic credit, have an official transcript for the previously completed college coursework sent directly to Clark, or bring to Academic Advising a course description or syllabus for each college-level course you would like considered for waivers of specific requirements. Generally, students may receive a maximum of 4.0 units of advanced standing credit.