Choosing a Major/Minor/Concentration

When do I start on my major?

The number of courses required for a major at Clark can range from 12 to 19. If you are interested in some of the more intensive majors (for example: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Management, Physics), you should begin work in your first semester; however, most students should feel comfortable using their first few semesters to explore various academic disciplines throughout the liberal arts. You may formally declare your major in the second semester of the first year, and must declare a major by the end of the sophomore year.

majors, minors and concentrations

Read advice about course selection for certain majors, minors and concentrations, as well as departmental contact information.

Can I also declare a minor? What is a concentration?

You may minor in certain approved areas outside your major by completing a minimum of six specified courses in a particular discipline. Students may also choose an interdisciplinary, formal concentration in Bioinformatics, Computational Science, Ethics and Public Policy, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Jewish Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Law and Society, Peace Studies, Public Health, Race and Ethnic Relations, or Urban Development and Social Change. You must declare your intention to complete a minor or concentration by the end of your junior year.

If you are undecided about your academic direction, your summer and pre-major adviser will be able to help. You can also consult the Academic Advising Handbook for Students [PDF].