U.S. First-year Application

Early decision, early action and regular decision

1. Choose your application round

  • Early Decision: Clark is your first choice; if you’re admitted, you must commit to Clark and withdraw applications to other colleges by January 15.
  • Early Action: You’ll receive our decision in December, but will have until May 1 to make your choice.
  • Regular Decision: You’ll hear from us in March, be able to weigh your options and decide by May 1.

2. Know the deadlines

  • Early Action: November 1
  • Early Decision: November 1
  • Regular Decision: January 15 (for fall entry); October 1 (for spring entry)

3. Read up on the requirements

To apply, make sure we have each component by the deadlines above:

  • First-year Common Application
  • Secondary school report: Your guidance counselor will submit the secondary school report along with an official high school transcript, which will give us a picture of your academic career.
  • Teacher evaluation form: This must be from a teacher in a traditional academic area such as mathematics, science, foreign language, English, social science or academic elective.
  • SAT/ACT scores, if you choose to submit (Clark is a test-optional school).
  • Application fee of $60 through the Common Application website or a fee waiver

4. Complete the Common Application

Once you’ve started your application, we’ll send you an email with information about how to log in to the applicant portal, where you can check the status of your materials, see if anything is missing and receive updates. Remember, you’re responsible for verifying that we’ve received all of the materials needed to complete your application by the deadline.

The Common Application

Things to note

The Admissions Office may contact you if further information is needed to complete your application. If you have questions about these requirements or need help accessing the applicant portal, email or call us at 800-462-5275. Our mailing address is:

Office of Admissions
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

SAT/ACT Test-optional policy

Clark has an SAT/ACT test-optional policy. If you choose to submit, the SAT and/or ACT , use the following school codes:

  • CEEB (SAT): 003279
  • ACT: 1808

We encourage you to submit SAT/ACT scores if you believe they’re a good reflection of your potential success at Clark. If you choose not to submit these scores, other parts of the application (high school course selection, grades, recommendations, writing skills and nonacademic pursuits) will be given greater weight in our review.

Information on AP credit and IB credit

Advanced Placement (AP) credit is defined as one unit of degree credit assigned for a score of 4 or 5 on a College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) AP exam taken after completion of an AP course and before the student formally matriculates.

First-year students may receive credit for college work with grades of C or better completed prior to becoming a student at Clark University, if that credit is in a content area deemed academically acceptable to Clark and is from an accredited college or university.

First-year students may be awarded a maximum of 4 units of credit (one semester) for AP credit and/or credit from college courses taken while in high school.

For International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, read on:

  • If you present an IB diploma, have earned a minimum of 36 composite points with a score of five or higher in all six of your exams, you’ll receive eight Clark Units. It’s the equivalent of one full year.
  • If you present an IB diploma, have earned a minimum of 24 composite points, you’ll receive four Clark Units. It’s the equivalent of one semester.
  • If you haven’t completed the full IB diploma, you’ll received one Clark Unit for each higher-level exam you took and received a score of five or higher. You can earn a maximum of four Clark Units, the equivalent of one semester.