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Students sitting in red square at Clark in the fall

Going to college in Massachusetts just got a little easier …

Each year, Clark University designates a handful of states outside of New England as part of our regional incentive grants program. Admitted first-year students who attend high school in these states automatically receive this $5,000-per-year grant (renewable for a total of four years or $20,000). We know that moving across the country can be expensive, and the regional incentive grant alleviates some of that cost.

For applicants applying to Clark for the Fall 2024 semester, the regional incentive grant states are California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, and Washington.

About the Regional Incentive Grant

The regional incentive grant does not require a separate application for you to receive it. You must be a first-time college student. The grant is based on where you attend high school, not necessarily where you live. This grant is renewable every year for up to four years of study.

If you have any questions about the regional incentive grant, email your admissions counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no separate application for this grant. If you are an admitted first-year student attending high school in one of these states, you will automatically receive the grant with your financial aid award.

Yes. Students do not need to apply for need-based financial aid to qualify for this grant.

No. The regional incentive grant is limited to first-time college students.

The regional incentive grant is awarded by where you attend high school. Students who live in a grant state but attend high school elsewhere are not eligible.

Yes. You will receive the regional incentive grant each year for up to four years of study.