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Bachelor’s Degrees

Our programs award the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree to eligible candidates.
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Education for success

The School of Professional Studies’ undergraduate degree programs emphasize the vital connection between a sound liberal arts education and success in the non-profit and private sectors. Through the required course distribution, students receive a solid grounding in critical and creative thinking, oral and written expression, and approaches to effective problem solving in various fields. The School of Professional Studies undergraduate programs also offer a wide range of professionally-oriented courses.

Convenient scheduling for busy adults

The School of Professional Studies’ undergraduate programs are designed especially to meet the needs of adults who are interested in continuing their education part time. Courses, which are offered on weekday evenings, attract those who wish to pursue a degree and those who seek professional or personal enrichment. Students receive a broad liberal arts background and specialized knowledge through a major or concentration.

Personalized programs

A matter of emphasis distinguishes our undergraduate degrees. The B.S. provides a flexible array of options that encourages students to combine liberal arts and career interests. The bachelor of science degree offers professionally-oriented majors that allow students to pursue a career-related interest.

The choice of a degree and a major is based on a unique combination of the student’s desire for personal growth and enrichment, professional development or career considerations, and fascination with a subject area. Recognizing that students may want assistance with their choices, the School of Professional Studies provides extensive academic advising. Students are encouraged to design a program of study with an adviser once they enroll.

Programs we offer: