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Business Analytics Group 2022

All Things Business Analytics for 2022 Competition

Follow along for updates and results from SOM's 2022 Business Analytics Competition


The 5th annual Business Analytics Competition
has concluded!

Congratulations to the following teams on their wins in the 2022 Analytics Competition:

FIRST PLACE:  Nisarg Thakkar, MSBA;  Vikas Jangra, MSBA;  Dhiraj Sharma, MSBA
TOPIC:  Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting and Diagnosing Breast Cancer

SECOND PLACE:  Kevin Phu, Pham, MSBA;  Tinglei, Ruan, MSBA;   Vikas, Jangra, MSBA
TOPIC:  Impact of Food Production on Environment

PRINCIPLES FOR RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT AWARD:  Kevin Phu, Pham;  Tinglei, Ruan;   Vikas, Jangra
TOPIC:  Impact of Food Production on Environment

Take a look at some photos  and check out the video below!





Speaker Series Announced

Mark your calendars for the School of Management’s upcoming Business Analytics Speaker Series. Coordinated by its Stevenish Career Management Center,  SOM will be hosting four Clark University alumni, beginning the week of April 25, as part of its 2022 Business Analytics Competition. The Clark community is invited to attend any or all of the speakers. More information is below. 

data pictureAll sessions are virtual and Zoom links can be obtained by contacting Kelly Kochis, associate director of the SCMC.  Students can sign up for sessions on Handshake. See below for details! 




April 25, 1:00pm

   Madeleyn Valenzuela ’17, BA/MBA, Communications Senior Associate at Google

Topic:  Marketing/CRM Analytics

April 26, 1:00pm 

   Michael Hickey, MBA ’19, Founder, Skylytics Data, LLC

Topic:  Gaming Analytics & Entrepreneurship

April 27, 1:00pm

   Rob King ’05, Head of People Analytics, Sr. Director at Takeda

Topic:  People Analytics

April 28, 11:00am

   Jered Ulschmid, MBA ’13, Principal Analyst in Growth Analytics, Shutterfly

Topic: Retail and Sales Analytics



Following are the teams who will be competing in the 2022 Business Analytics Competition and their research topics: 


Sahand Yousefi, MSBA
Tinglei Ruan, MSBA
Yashwant Raut, MSBA

Data Analysis and Prediction of Cross-selling Automotive Insurance to Existing Health Insurance Customers.


Bishal Thakur, MSBA
Rubina Pradhan, MSBA

Prediction on Bike Sharing Demand


Yichao, Li, MSAA
Mengxin, Zhang, MSA
Salina, Zhou, MSA
Yu-Che, Cheng, MSA

Finding the next Rockefeller: Fundraising at Clark University


Vinay Karthick Jeyabalakrishnan, MSBA

Crime Incidents – Investigations and Interpretations


Nisarg Thakkar, MSBA
Vikas Jangra, MSBA
Dhiraj Sharma, MSBA

Machine Learning Algorithms for Predicting and Diagnosing Breast Cancer


Rubina Pradhan
Tejas Mirashi
Mingjie Zhou

Analysis on Term Deposit Subscription


Kevin Phu, Pham, MSBA
Tinglei, Ruan, MSBA
Vikas, Jangra, MSBA

Impact of Food Production on Environment


Rosy Shrestha, MSBA
Yashwant Raut, MSBA
Aashiya Aryal, MSBA
Anuj Ursal, MSBA

Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Prediction by Machine Learning



Kevin Phu Pham, MSBA
Yuanyuan Bai, MSBA
Yudong Zhao, MSBA

Yelp Dataset Analysis



Good luck to all those participating!



SIGN UP DATES:  February 28 to March 14

Registration is now CLOSED! 


This year the competition will be held in person. We are asking students to present their projects by creating a physical poster for the competition. The Clark University MSBA Advisory Board members will judge the poster presentations and determine who will win first and second place, and who will be given the PRME award. (In 2011, Clark SOM became a signatory to the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Management Education [PRME] initiative, strengthening its commitment to education, research, and collaboration that fosters sustainable social, economic, and environmental change.)


First place : $1,000  ~   Second place: $500  ~  PRME/SDG award: $300


Various sessions with alumni and guests will be held from April 25 to 29.
Days/times/locations to come!


We look forward to seeing your fantastic research.

Check out these photos from past competitions and see below for previous student research projects!


analytics competition photo

analytics competition photo  analytics competition photoariel photo of competition  analytics competition photo  analytics competition photo

Previous student projects:

Students: Dhanunjay Divi, Yashwanth Sai Addanki

Taxi Demand Prediction

Students: Kelly Lin , Tobias Sundheimer, Keerthi Rallapalli,

Credit Card Customer Analysis

Students: Liao, Zhao

Estimate Emotion and Trends from Customer Reviews

Students: Kelly Lin

The Factors and Forecast of Real Estate Price in Taipei, Taiwan

Students: Cao Yu, Jinshan Wan, Can Zhang, Runzhi Tang

Mobile Price Classification

Students: Keerthi Rallapalli,

Airline Passenger Satisfaction Survey Analysis

Students: Arjun Rumba, Wei Zou, Amarildo Begu

Significant Factors Causing Obesity

Students: Swarup, Saha

Developing a Predictive Model to Predict Exchange Rate of Bangladeshi Taka (BDT) Against US Dollar (USD)


Students: Cao Yu, Jinshan Wan, Can Zhang, Runzhi Tang

Mobile Price Classification

Students: Keerthi Rallapalli,

Airline Passenger Satisfaction Survey Analysis