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Making the Most of Summer Break

School of Management students share internship experiences during summer 2021

A professional internship is an important part of the School of Management’s (SOM) business administration, finance, and accounting programs. Students receive support from the Stevenish Career Management Center staff to find positions that meet their career interests and schedules, while also utilizing the center’s online career system. As a result, our students gain valuable, real-world experience and insight beyond the experiential learning completed via their coursework.

With classes underway for the fall semester, we caught up with five SOM students to learn more about their summer internship experiences.

Drashhti photoDrashhti Bilimoria
MBA candidate
Mindshare, Digital Strategy Intern

“This summer, I’ve been interning at Mindshare as their Digital Strategy Intern. The team I’m working on is currently transitioning from GTB to Mindshare, so I’ve also been able to learn about both companies’ approach to marketing in a hands-on manner and through intern-oriented learning sessions. My most interesting project to date has been creating scorecards comparing the effectiveness and productivity of different network sites across regions. This position has also given me a chance to improve my presentation, teamwork and Excel skills beyond that of my undergraduate and graduate career.”


Zach-DevineZach Devine
MBA candidate
World Energy, LLC, Human Resources Analytics Intern

This summer I had the pleasure of working with World Energy, LLC in Boston, one of America’s largest producers of biodiesel & renewable energy. Large steps for the future were made with providing sustainable aviation fuels for major players like JetBlue and Amazon too. My role in the company was human resources analytics intern. World Energy is taking strides to improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, so I acted as a bridge from HR to the executive team. I generated spreadsheets and created statistical reports for board meetings, such as employee turnover ratios, corporate versus non corporate pay, and gender and race statistics. Aside from ESG, I also was responsible for working with HR data, creating such things as vacation liability reports by each individual plant, as well as healthcare summary reports broken down by location. I feel like I have made a lasting impact after organizing their management software.  I have been more than pleased to be working with a company that aligns with my personal values on environmental sustainability and fair practice hiring.

Theodora-EneTheodora Ene
MBA candidate
Booz Allen Hamilton, Summer Games Intern

This summer I was part of the first ever virtual cohort of Summer Games interns at Booz Allen Hamilton. It was nothing short of amazing. Over the span of ten weeks I collaborated with a cross functional team, which included myself, three other interns, two Challenge Leaders and a Principal Champion, to deliver a loyalty program for using a no-code platform (Unqork).  I acted as a market/ UX research lead for the project; however, I was able to improve my technical skills tremendously, learn about and utilize Agile methodologies, attend various networking workshops, as well as make lifelong friendships and connections along the way.

In the final week of the internship, my team and I competed alongside 25 other Summer Games teams for the title of Summer Games Champions. A panel of judges ranked us on criteria including ingenuity, collaboration and delivery of the final product. My team made it to the top five, and got the opportunity to present our project to senior leaders across various accounts.

Arjun RumbaArjun
MS in Business Analytics candidate
Cello Health, Data Analytics Intern

“This summer I am helping Cello Health Communication with impact assessments and text analytics. Cello Health is medical communication solution firm that helps their clients publish data in medical journals like The New England Journal of Medicine. My role is to develop and implement data retrieval processes, analyze and generate insights from medical literature, clinical trial data, social media and other publicly available information. During the internship, I use Python to retrieve, preprocessing and analyze data from Twitter to understand Twitter activities of key opinion leader (KOL). I analyze data on payments made by drug and medical device companies to physicians and teaching hospitals. I’ve already gained more in-depth knowledge about medical communication services, enhanced my analytical skills and proficiency in analytical tools and have gained a clearer view of what it means to work in the corporate world.”

Michael-StoneMichael Stone
MSF candidate
Worcester Advisors, Financial Advising Intern

This summer, I have been interning at Worcester Advisors as a financial advising intern. I have been able to get hands-on experience with the company’s strategic approach to value investing and their ability to meet the needs of their client base. My most recent project has been to use the Bloomberg Terminal to screen for new quality stocks to consider in each sector based on specific criteria and adjusting the criteria parameters for each given sector. This project has allowed me to gain a much better understanding of what to consider when identifying value stocks and the overall long-term investing process. It has also allowed me to better understand what to look for in different sectors of the market, as well as emphasize the importance of the research that goes into every step of the process.  I have also been given the chance to present each of the projects that I have completed to the firm, and I believe that my presentation skills have improved as a result.

Both SOM students and our alumni are provided comprehensive resources, programs, and support through our Stevenish Career Management Center. Alumni of SOM and Clark University also receive an automatic 50% tuition scholarship on any SOM on-campus degree program and 30% tuition scholarship for SOM online degree programs. If you’re interested in learning more about our programs or services, please feel free to contact our staff.


~ Meredith Galena
Communications Specialist
School of Management, Clark University