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Clark University
International Development, Community, and Environment
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone: (508) 793-7201
Fax: (508) 793-8820

Director of IDCE 
Ed Carr, Ph.D.
(508) 421-3895


Community Development and Planning
Ramon Borges-Mendéz, Ph.D.
(508) 421-3838

Geographic Information Science for Development and Environment
Ron Eastman, Ph.D.
(508) 849-2321

Environmental Science and Policy
Tim Downs, D. Env.
(508) 421-3814

International Development and Social Change
David Bell, Ph.D.
(508) 793-7568


Anita Fabos, Ph.D.
(508) 421-3826

Sharon Hanna
Director of Career Development and External Relations
Certified Master of Career Services (CMSC), National Career Development Association
(508) 793-7454

Sawsan Berjawi
Manager of Student Services and Academic Affairs
(508) 421-3846

Michelle Johnson-Sargent
Administrative Assistant to the Director
(508) 421-3767