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Making valuable connections through Clark

Sarah Plutnicki, M.A., Community Development and Planning
Sarah Plutnicki
Sarah Plutnicki, M.A., Community Development and Planning


Armed with her master’s degree in Community Development and Planning, Sarah secured a job as Assistant Resiliency Planner at the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission.

At CMRPC, she assists with data collection, research, report writing, and grant applications for open space and recreation plans, municipal vulnerability preparedness plans, hazard mitigation plans, and master plans.

“I chose Clark because of the small student-teacher ratios,” Plutnicki says. “I really appreciated going to a school where you could more easily form connections with professors and TAs. A lot of them do a lot of work in the Worcester area, so they provide direct connections to employers. That’s definitely a plus.”


“Clark offered me a chance to study geography, political issues, environmental decision-making, and equity issues, all at the same time and all while being able to complete my degree rather quickly, I was able to get a job that was exactly aligned with what I wanted to do.”