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Graduate School graduates

Whether you’re looking to advance your current career or make a significant career change, Clark School of Business will position you for immediate – and lasting – success through dynamic coursework and challenging hands-on experiences.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and their career choices are just as varied. Graduates have worked at organizations such as Apple and PWC and founded companies that include the world famous Blue Man Group. International students have found success here in the U.S., or put their skills to work building impressive careers in other countries.

What unites our multifaceted alumni is a commitment to ethical and responsible business, a nuanced understanding of the marketplace, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances as they work to effect positive change in their jobs, communities, and the wider world.

Graduate Student Employment and Salaries – Class of 2023

99% of respondents had plans within six months across all programs.

Post-graduate Employment

A student receives her diploma at commencement

  • 90% were working full-time
  • 3% were enrolled in another degree program
  • 3% were starting their own business
  • 3% were doing something else

Salaries in U.S. Dollars

  • 25th percentile $65,000
  • 50th percentile $72,000
  • 75th percentile $80,000
  • 100th percentile $150,000


Where School of Business Graduates are Employed

Our graduates are employed all over the world, from Kazakhastan and China, to Vietnam and Washington DC. Within the United States, you’ll find our graduates in 29 states around the country, from coast to coast.

US Map with alumni locations

Notable Alumni Employers

Internship Sites - In the U.S. & Abroad

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    The School of Business is located in Carlson Hall, close to the Maywood Street parking lot.

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