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The Physics Department‘s well-equipped teaching laboratories are dedicated to computer simulations, electronics, optics, atomic and nuclear physics, and materials science. In addition to these laboratories, most physics majors work in one of the department’s research laboratories in condensed matter physics.

All of the physics research labs use computers to control experiments and to collect and analyze data. Physics students and faculty have access to microcomputers and RISC workstations linked by ethernet to the general-purpose University computers and by the internet to workstations and supercomputers at other institutions.

Students and faculty also rely on the Carlson Science Library in the Sackler Sciences Center, with more than 7,200 books and almost 400 scientific journals; an electronics shop; and an instrument shop.

Faculty Research Laboratories

Principal Investigator Labs and Facilities
Charles Agosta (also affiliated with environmental science) Superconductors; heat transfer in gas boundary layers
Michael Boyer Nanoscale investigations of physical and chemical systems
Barbara Capogrosso Sansone Computational physics and condensed matter physics
Arshad Kudrolli Complex matter and nonlinear physics
Ranjan Mukhopadhyay Theoretical and computational problems at the interface of physics and biology
Alexander Petroff Physical limitations imposed by fluid flow and nutrient diffusion to understand the behavior, organization, and evolution of microbes