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The Gustaf H. Carlson School of Chemistry and Biochemistry is housed in the Jeppson Laboratory and in Arthur M. Sackler Sciences Center, which connects with the Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science Building. Together, Jeppson and Sackler house 51,000 square feet of research and teaching laboratories, classrooms, lecture and seminar rooms, department offices, and a 5,000-square-foot science library.

The Chemistry Department has access to state-of-the-art equipment for structure determination and assessment of macromolecular dynamics, thermodynamic studies, kinetic studies, molecular biology, and protein purification. The department is also well-equipped with a large array of computer workstations to facilitate both sophisticated computations and the visualization of complex biomolecular structures.

Faculty Research Laboratories

Faculty research laboratories are listed below, with interdisciplinary focus denoted as BCMB for biochemistry and molecular biology and P for physics.

Principal Investigator Labs and facilities
Sergio Granados-Focil (BCMB) New polymeric materials for renewable energy alternatives
Shuanghong (Sharon) Huo (BCMB; P) Computational chemistry and biophysics
Charles Jakobsche (BCMB) Organic and medicinal chemistry

Noel Lazo (BCMB)


Biophysical chemistry of protein misfolding and self-assembly in disease
Arundhati Nag (BCMB) The Nag Lab: Research at the interface of chemistry and chemical biology (peptide and protein science; biomimetic catalysts and sensors)
Luis Smith Materials science
Donald Spratt HECT E3 ubiquitin ligases and the ubiquitylation-signaling pathway
Mark Turnbull Organometallic, magnetochemistry