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Awarded Since April 25, 2018

Edward Carr (IDCE/Marsh Institute). Deltaic environments, vulnerability and climate change: The role of migration as an adaptation and its policy implications (DECCMA), IDRC (Canada).

Ron Eastman (Clark Labs3). Mapping Coastal Aquaculture – Phase 3, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Hazards SEES: Understanding cross-scale interactions of trade and food policy to improve resilience to drought risk in Zambia, NSF.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). The Transition to Puberty Among Adopted Children in Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Parent Families, The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Abbie Goldberg (Psychology). Navigating the transition to puberty: Lesbian, gay, and heterosexual adoptive parents’ experiences, Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (FSSS).

Sergio Granados-Focil and Luis Smith (Chemistry). An integrated study of ion dynamics and population distributions to understand the molecular underpinnings of charge transport through self-assembled solid polymer electrolytes, NSF.

Sarah Michaels (Hiatt6/Education). Next Generation Science Exemplar, NGSX.

Margaret Post (IDCE/Marsh Institute1). JPB/CCC Evaluation Projects, Inno Network.

Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center). Colin Flug Wing Landscaping, Nathaniel Wheeler Trust.

John Rogan and Deborah Martin (Geography). Greening the Gateway Cities Project, Mass EEA/DCR.

John Rogan and Florencia Sangermano (Geography/Marsh Institute). Regional Urban Forestry Education and Advocacy Institute, Oxfam America.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh Institute1). Shannon CSI Statewide Youth Violence Research Partner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety, Shannon Fund.

Andrew Stewart (Psychology). The Alliance Rape Prevention Education Supplemental Evaluation Project, CDC.

Donald Spratt (Chemistry). Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligase HACE 1, AbbVie.

Rosalie Torres Stone (Sociology). Community and Health: Nonprofit Grant Making, Highland Street Foundation.

Awarded April 26, 2017 – April 24, 2018

Jeffrey Arnett (Psychology) and Achu Johnson Alexander. How Do Parents Matter During Precarious Times? Parental Involvement, Work-goal Engagement, and Psychological Outcomes of College Seniors in India and the United States, Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.

Michelle Bata (LEEP Center). LEEP Projects, Hoche-Scofield Foundation.

Anthony Bebbington (Geography) and Catherine Jampel. Disability, Inclusion and Sociospatial Transformation in U.S. Workplaces, NSF.

Denise Bebbington (IDCE/Marsh Institute1) and Anthony Bebbington (Geography). Assessment and Scoping of Infrastructure and Extractive Industries in Relation to Deforestation, Climate and Land Use Alliance.

Ramon Borges-Mendez (IDCE). Working Cities Challenge-Worcester, Worcester Community Action Council, Inc.

Sarah Buie (Higgins School of Humanities). Council on the Uncertain Human Future, The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation.

Sarah Buie (V&PA/IDCE) and Ellen Foley (IDCE). A New Earth Community, Reynolds Foundation.

Sarah Buie (V&PA/IDCE). Council on the Uncertain Human Future, Reynolds Foundation.

Paula Camara and Richard Cheney (Small Business Development Center5). Central Mass Regional Small Business Development Center, U.S. Small Business Administration.

Stefano Crema (Clark Labs3). Land Cover Protection, The Nature Conservancy.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Impacts of Agricultural Decision Daking and Adaptive Management on Food Security in Africa, NSF.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/Marsh Institute1) and Ron Eastman (Geography). Developing and scaling up the mapping Africa active learning platform, Omidyar Network Fund Inc.

Lyndon Estes (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Integrating crowdsourcing, in situ sensing, and space borne observation to understand the sustainability of smallholder agriculture in African wet savannas, NASA.

Karen Frey (Geography/Marsh Institute1). The distributed biological observatory: A change detection array in the Pacific Arctic region, NSF.

John Gibbons (Biology). The Aspergillus fumigatus Genetic Variant and Isolate Repository (FumigatusGVIR): A Community Resource to Facilitate Association Mapping of Pathogenicity-associated Traits, NIH.

Sergio Granados-Focil (Chemistry). Development of New Materials for Ion-selective Electrodes, Abbvie Bioresearch Center, Inc.

Wayne Gray (Economics). Assessing Public Policy Intervention Impacts on Construction Fatality Rates, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

David Hibbett (Biology). OPUS: Mushrooms in the Tree of Life, NSF.

Thomas Kuehne and Mary Jane Rein (Strassler Center). Doctoral Student Support, Conference on Material Claims Against Germany.

Noel Lazo (Chemistry). Determinants of the Proteolytic Degradation of Soluble Amyloid-beta, NIH National Institute on Aging.

Matt Malsky (Dean of the College). Problems of Practice Courses in the Social Sciences, Davis Educational Foundation.

Matt Malsky (Dean of the College) and Trang Nguyen. Love of Knowledge Vietnam Expansion Project, Davis Projects for Peace.

Deborah Martin (Geography) and Son Ca Lam. Shifting Grounds: Changes in the Meaning of Home for Vietnamese Refugee Women Across Generations, The Society of Women Geographers Evelyn L. Pruitt National Fellowship for Dissertation Research.

Deborah Martin (Geography) and Brittany Wheeler. Climate-induced Migration to the United States, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

James McCarthy (Geography) and Dylan Harris. Telling the Story of Climate Change: Cultural Politics and Climate Consciousness, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

Neva Meyer (Biology). Evolution of Neural Induction and Dorsal-ventral Axis Specification: BMP Network Involvement in Annelids, NSF.

Sarah Michaels (Education). Learning While Teaching, Carnegie Foundation.

Sarah Michaels (Education). Vermont Science Initiative – Partnership to Build NGSS Capacity in Vermont, Vermont Department of Education.

James Murphy (Geography/Marsh Institute1). Generative Urbanization in Emerging Africa? The Case of Konza Techno City, Regional Studies Association Membership Grant.

Gil Pontius (Geography) and Sam Khallaghi. Mapping Marsh Dynamics in Coastal Ecosystems, Edna Bailey Sussman Fund.

Margaret Post (Mosakowski). JPB /CCC Evaluation Projects, Innovation Network.

John Rogan (Geography) and Marc Healy. Young Urban Forest Temperature Effects on Gateway Cities in Massachusetts, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

John Rogan (Geography) and Nicholas Geron. Urban Tree Planting Program for a Changing Climate, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

John Rogan (Geography) and Connor Stephens. Does Land Ownership Influence Post-Wildfire Forest Recovery?, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh Institute1). Shannon CSI Statewide Youth Violence Research Partner, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety, Shannon Fund.

Laurie Ross (IDCE/Marsh Institute1). Worcester Local Area Research Partner, Shannon CSI, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Donald Spratt (Chemistry and Biochemistry). Structure and Mechanism of HECT E3 Ubiquitin Ligases, NIH.

Andrew Stewart (Psychology). Rape Prevention and Education Program Evaluation, CDC.

Christopher Williams (Geography) and Savannah Cooley. Assessing the Impact of Drought and Evaluating Potential Contributions of ECOSTRESS Evapotranspiration Data to Improve Agricultural Water Management in Guan a caste, Costa Rica, Edna Bailey Suss man Foundation.

Christopher Williams (Geography) and Tong Jiao. Vegetation Decline and Recovery from the Millennium Drought in Australia: Novel Quantitative Analysis with Multi-sensor and Higher Resolution Data, NASA.

Christopher Williams (Geography) and Yu Zhou. Fusing Above Ground Biomass Measurements with a Biogeochemical Model to Improve Pixel-level Forest Carbon Flux Estimates, Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

Christopher Williams (Geography) and Surendra Shrestha. Modeling Land-atmosphere Feedbacks from Drought and Wildfire Disturbances using Community Earth System Model (CESM), Edna Bailey Sussman Foundation.

Deborah Woodcock (CE/Marsh Institute1). What Can a 39-million Year Old Coastal Ecosystem Tell Us About Climate and Earth History?, National Geographic Society.

Junfu Zhang (GPMI). Land Conversion and Misallocation Across Cities in China, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

1George Perkins Marsh Institute

2School of Professional Studies

3Clark Labs

4Community Engagement and Volunteering Center

5Small Business Development Center

6Jacob Hiatt Center for Urban Education

7Adam Institute for Urban Teaching and School Practice

8Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise